Updated: May 1

I'm thrilled that at the moment there is a real buzz about talking about the Menopause. Too long its been a background conversation, almost to the point of embarassment, which is crazy when 51% of the population is going to transition with these hormonal changes.

The rough statistics are that 30% of women will sail through the menopause and wonder what all the fuss is about, and to them I say 'Please don't judge others when you didn't have symptoms'. I've met a few women like this, and they just don't know how bad it can get as they've not walked a mile in your shoes, or even years!

30% of women will get some symptoms and it will be easily alleviated, maybe because they've headed it off with doing some healthy lifestyle changes or maybe their physiology is on their side.

I'm here, as are all the emerging therapists, advisors and ambassadors of Peri/menopause for the 30% that are going to really go through it... to hell and back.

I don't blame this group reaching for the first pack of HRT that they're offered and feeling the relief as it kicks in, it really is your choice, all I like to do is to give you some details so that you make an informed choice.

However there is a right time for HRT, and a very wrong time too. You need to know when is the time to take it and why.