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​Fed up with not being able to shift belly fat?

Want to relieve night sweats and balance your moods?

If you're confused about the best food to eat for your perimenopause and menopause, how to lose weight, calm your moods, get your sleep back and alleviate those night sweats; this is the guide to help yuo understand.
It's not a recipe book but it is the lifelong guide to have by your side to resolve your symptoms now and keep you in check moving forwards. Here's what you'll learn in Eating for the perimenopause and beyond:
  • Where to get started on eating the right foods
  • Why are proteins so important
  • How to tell which are the right and wrong carbohydrates
  • The secret to nuts and seeds
  • What fruit is making you fat!
  • What are foods with phytoestrogens in
  • What supplements help you 
  • How to  balance your moods and still enjoy food!
Read what to foods to avoid in menopause in this ebook guide

The best food for your menopause!

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support what to eat for the menopause with understanding what's going on in 2 ebooks

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This is the clearest guide to what you can and can't eat, that will help you lose belly fat and stop symptoms like sweats, AND balance out your mood swings. It's a really easy way to eat!

This tells you what foods to avoid during your menopause and it gives you insight into the exact type of foods you can eat, so you can take 'thinking' of how to eat for your symptoms at this time of life.
It's an easy read , explaining exactly what's going on with food and your body now you're in your 40s with hormones changing and causing your symptoms.
Read this ebook and you're set for life on what to eat for your waistline, your sanity and your happiness - It's the best fiver you'll ever spend, I promise (or contact me to get your money back!)

If you eat like this you can eat yourself to a happier and healthier menopause!

I've lost an inch and a half in belly fat in just 3 weeks, and I'm not as fatigued in the morning when I wake 

Caroline, Aberdeen

I've got more energy, I sleep better and I've lost weight! 

Sarah, Nottingham

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  •  Master Your Menopause Naturally

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