Symptoms at Stages

If you've had a surgical menopause you may experience symptoms both hot and cold at the same time, however you can still resolve all your symptoms effectively.

The Menopause can throw up so many different physical and emotional symptoms that it can be overwhelming. 

If you tick more symptoms near the top of the list this is indicative of the Perimenopause, the more you tick lower down the closer you are to the Menopause/ cessation of periods.

I help women every day like you make sense of your symptoms, understand what is going on and most importantly what you can do about it.

To get started you can choose one of these options:


Early Menopause

Symptoms are kicking in at a younger age for women now and you maybe experiencing symptoms and wondering whether you are having an early menopause. I can help you get clarification with a short call because we need to ascertain whether this is genuine early menopause (will show up in a blood test) or whether you're exhausted and experiencing similar symptoms to the perimenopause. If you're under extreme stress, not long had a baby or work in fitness it could well be symptoms similar to the perimenopause and these can be resolved with changes to your health.


Women from around the age of 42 (ish) can really start experiencing the first symptoms brought on by the first signs of hormonal change - the decline of progesterone. As this declines it leaves a larger gap with Oestrogen and may put you into a dominant state, this can lead to emotional volatility!

Have a look at the graphic below, and if you're confused about where you are, based on your symptoms, a clarity call with me will start you on the path to improving your current symptom set and improving your health against future ones.

The Menopause

The true 'Menopause' is when your periods have stopped, until then whilst your periods are erractic you're still perimenopausal coming into the menopause and you may notice your symptoms have changed rapidly. This is when the traditional heat symptoms come to the fore, and on average this is around 51 in the UK and younger in other ethnicities.  Heat symptoms are associated with your liver and your ongoing heart health and it is imperative not to ignore or put up with them. Your health right now is the gateway to your health for the rest of your life, book a clarity call to get this sorted!

Post Menopause

You're considered to be in this phase when you have gone 1 year without a period, but that doesn'tmean you don't have symptoms and they're very likely not going away on their own. Your current health pattern has been created with the decline of Oestrogen and collagen and this may have left you with a host of symptoms you're not sure how to resolve. Your heart health is absolutely at the centre of this, so you can take action and you can resolve these symptoms, just contact me for a clarity call and we can make changes.

You may hit a fatigue wall in your mid/late 50s, this happens a lot and seems like menopausal symptoms, it's not but it is resolved in exactly the same way, and it all starts with a call.