"I'm Andrea, I'm a Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and I was thick in the symptoms of the Perimenopause without realising it. I thought I was going loopy, felt anxious, couldn't clear my head, forgetful, so tired, and very ratty, and didn't want to go see a GP to be told I was depressed. I was lucky, I saw a talk on the menopause and a light bulb went off, I was 45. Now 4 years later I'm healthier than I ever was and I have no symptoms, when I ticked 26 of them that fateful day. I'm here to show you, you can alleviate these symptoms naturally and become healtier and happier at the same time. I set up Cotswold Menopause to help women like you".

Andrea, Cotswold Menopause

Discover HOW to tackle your top menopause symptoms NOW So you can get back your sleep,

feel less anxious and start losing belly fat

... and it's exactly the same for stopping night sweats too!

And relieve so many other symptoms you're experiencing, it is  just the case of  knowing what's going on and what to do about it. It's all simple as well, follow these top tips and you will start to feel better in weeks!




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