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Gloucestershire's Menopause Fayre 

Watch this space for next event - Spring 2025


Gloucestershire's Menopause Fayre is the first free-to-attend ground breaking event brought to you by Cotswold Menopause. We believe in empowering women with greater understanding about diverse and natural options for symptom relief and lifestyle support during menopause, extending beyond HRT.

With over 20 exhibitors to talk to, amazing raffle prizes, bar refreshments, lounge and chill zone; come along for the evening. Open from 4 till 8 pm.

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Andrea from Cotswold Menopause  has brought together local menopause specialists for you to meet and gain insightful knowledge in the area's of:

Chinese Medicine

Holistic Therapies

Hormones and health


Pelvic floor and fitness

Yoga and Qi Gong

Weightloss and mindset


Gut health

Toxin-free living

Books and information

Natural Remedies


Workplace support

credit: Cirencester Menopause Fayre: Wilts and Glos Standard

Menopause fayre event sponsors

allergy line at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

Linda at Allergy Line treats Women’s Health, Food Sensitivities, Gut, Emotional and Stress Issues. She calls on her extensive range of modalities: Bio Resonance, Homeopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Speak to Linda at the show or contact her via Cotswold Menopause.

Meet our fantastic  event sponsors and specialists who'll be there on the night for you to talk to:

Cotswold Healing Therapies at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

​I​'m Jodie of Cotswold Healing Therapies and it​'s my pleasure to work with women at all stages menopause. ​T​his time of life can increase anxiety, heighten feelings of fear and effect ​y​our self esteem. ​These feelings can build from previous experiences or thoughts, so I spend time with ​y​ou to truly understand ​y​our story and help ease the these symptoms using hypnotherapy, Reiki and EFT tapping therapy. Hypnotherapy can even help with hot flushes!  Visit website

Rosieglo Yoga is your friendly, local  Leckhampton yoga studio. We offer daily classes for all levels and specialise in a Menopause Yoga monthly meetup.
Calm your mind and rejuvenate your body, we’ve got you covered.To make it easy for you to give it a try, your first class is FREE.

Discover us just off Leckhampton Road, all ages and stages are welcome. 

Visit website

Rosieglo Yoga at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre
Cotswold Menopause at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

Andrea at Cotswold Menopause  helps you alleviate your menopausal symptoms quickly and effectively. Using the wisdom of chinese medicine she creates a bespoke achievable plan to help you understand and resolve your symptoms naturally.  Why not try the powerful  but relaxing treatment of Shiatsu for Menopause?    Visit website

Melistic at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

I'm Mel from Melistic  Hormone Health Coach, and I support my clients with hormone issues like PMS, PMDD, perimenopause, and Menopause. Hormone issues can affect your  relationships, career, and mental health. I help you make greater lifestyle choices that increase hormone balance to give them back that zest for life!  I also offer Bach Flowers, Holistic massage and mindfulness training.     Visit website

I’m Lizzie from Clean Living  and I help you create a healthy home by showing you how to rethink under your sink. Lurking in your home are harsh toxic chemicals in single use plastics that can affect your health, home and the planet. Imagine you are relaxing with the knowledge that your home is a safer place. Use  refillable, probiotic products that are  effective and don’t cost the earth; carry on working after you've finished!

 Visit website

Clean Living at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

Microbz make beneficial microbes for the health of your gut, your home, your garden and your pets.
Our probiotics are rich and diverse, harvested naturally from soil, and brewed in liquid form with traditional herbs and minerals that support the natural intelligence of your body. The world of microbes is an invisible force for good that exists inside us and all around us.

         Join forces with nature and lead a healthier life, inside and out.   Visit website

Microbz at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

Anna Brooker is an award-winning Health Coach, Life Coach, Nutritionist, and BWRT Therapist. Anna works exclusively with midlife women with expertise in nutrition, hormonal health, gut and heart health, and behavioural psychology. Anna offers guidance, support and accountability to help women become free of excess weight, bloating, self-sabotaging thoughts and negative behaviour patterns.   Visit website

Nourished Thriving at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre
Menopause workplace coaching at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

I 'm Louise  a Women's Workplace Menopause Coach, focused on helping women regain their confidence and self belief, ensuring they can move forwards on their menopause journey.

Take back control of your menopause … rediscover your energy and motivation at work.


Visit website

I'm Joan a physiotherapist from Joan's Wellness Zone with over 12 years specialism in women's health with a particular interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation. I help women to reconnect with their bodies in order for them to continue to enjoy activity and exercise of their choice.

Visit website

Joans wellness zone at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre
Glenfall Massage at Gloucestershires Menopause Fayre

I'm Abi of Glenfall Massage and your treatment is tailored to an individual's needs blending different massage techniques to calm and rebalance the physical body and the mind. Massage options include Thai Yoga Stretch, Soft Tissue Therapy, Relaxation, Sports, Deep Tissue and Indian Head. Based at A40 Fitness, Andoversford.

Visit website

Karen and her sister Sarah founded Mentrix to make menopause misery a thing of the past. She's an experienced executive menopause coach supporting individuals to get the help they need to live better through menopause, and organisations to become menopause-friendly through delivery of information, awareness and support campaigns for employees, managers and leaders.

Visit website

Mentrix Menopause knowledge
Charlies Gloucester charity holistic therapies for those affected by cancer
Orange Purple Gradient Friday Instagram Post  (1).png

We raised a whopping £660 in our raffle for Charlies! 


Charlie's Gloucester - Providing Holistic Therapies to anyone affected by cancer.

1:1 Holistic menopause consultation or Shiatsu for Menopause plus wellness kit from Cotswold Menopause

1:1 90 minute Health Coaching Package  with Melistic 


Microbz Gut Reboot Probiotic kit

1 Hour destress massage from Glenfall Massage

RosieGlo Yoga - 5 class pass


1:1 Coaching in the workplace with The Menopause Workplace Coach 


Monat menopause haircare bundle

1:1 Pelvic health masterclass with Joan's Wellness Zone

Clean Living Full Probiotic Home Cleaning kit 

Sporty pouch and voucher from Sweaty Betty Cheltenham


Plus luscious skincare and lifestyle bundles!

crowd at menopause fayre gloucester 2024

Menopause Fayre at Brickhampton Court

Restore Your Balance: Natural Menopause Wellness Day

Escape the stressors and busyness of your life into the serenity of a holistic wellness day with 3 menopause specialists guiding you through:

~ Reconnect and Rejuvenate with movement for mind body and soul

~ Gain insight into menopause with holistic solutions from Cotswold Menopause

~ Revitalise with hypno-meditation from Cotswold Healing Therapies

Natural Menopause Wellness Day

Using this wonderful holistic therapy Andrea at Shiatsu Bodyworks helps reduce your aches, pains and menopause symptoms from your first visit. Shiatsu is a gentle acupressure therapy that rebalances you in mind, body and soul and you'll leave feeling revitalised and positive about your menopause transition.  Visit website

shiatsu for menopause cheltenham
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