Clients Success Stories:
I resolved my menopause symptoms naturally

Some of my clients have been very honest and brave and spoken to me on video how they found the process of having treatments with me, the symptom relief they've had and life changes they've been able to make with the knowledge I've given them - here are their success stories:

"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good... Now, I feel great!"

Julie talks about how Shiatsu has helped her with anxiety, sweats, frame of mind  whilst going through the Menopause, brought on with a hysterectomy.

"I used to wake up really hot like someone had poured a bucket of
water over my side of the bed"

Lizzie talks about how receiving Shiatsu and being able to discuss her symptoms from a Chinese Medicine point of view has helped with symptom relief, and take her from a dark place to now be full of energy and hope.

"I sleep now and I feel alive again!"

Ann was really suffering from lack of sleep, hot flushes and very low energy. Right from the first treatment she felt changes and here she is half way through the package telling me how its 'brought her back to life'.

"Defuzzing my brain has been absolutely remarkable!"

Cat talks about how she feels

'world's different' after receiving Shiatsu treatments. 'I feel like I've had a therapy without talking, as you're working my body all the tension caught in my head eases. I leave feeling uplifted and lighter'

"I feel calmer and I'm more in control of me"

Cheryl talks about 'how she was excited there was a therapy that would help her alleviate her hot flushes where she dripped with sweat, and the alleviate the terrible night sweats'. She found it here!

"I was very very low, now I feel FAB-U-LOUS!"

Sally talks about how Migraines were the real issue for her, then being told she'd be put on statin's if she didn't alter something,and she was feeling helpless about what to do. She talks about how she's changed her life around in under 3 months coming to see Andrea.

"Where you've helped my hips realign that's a lot less pain and a lot less bloating"

Cath was very low on energy, struggling with work pressures and home life and the brain fog meant she couldn't see a way out, and was very confusing. Listen to how she's feeling now a few treatments in!