A large part of rebalancing your body for a healthier, and happier menopause means taking supplements for the nutrients that you are now deficient in. You can do a lot with nutrition, if you work with me I teach you that too, but there are so many areas in which you need to take the supplements to relieve the symptoms . 

Some of these are affiliate links , these means  I do earn me a very small commission  but it doesn't cost you a penny extra,  these companies are able to exist by word of mouth from people like me that know, use and love the products. The one's here are what I use, my clients use  and I know to be effective.


I designed this Menopause Cooling Cream with over 2 years of testing. It relieves flushes and sweats, promotes a better nights sleep and eases anxiety & itchy skin, the feedback has been amazing!

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I've put together a  list from one supplier to give you the easiest start to midlife health supplements!


Probiotics for promoting gut health, if you are suffering with allergies and digestive issues, plus if your immunity is impaired, you have liver issues, want to sleep better or would like a supplement to boost your overall menopausal change these supplements have the greatest effect for my clients


Dry skin? Here are the essential organic items you should have in your daily skin routine for ultimate rehydration, I wouldn't be without these products!


Boost Collagen regrowth for skin

elasticity plus support Immunity, this is the one I use

The Magnesium I use, to relieve aches and restless legs and aid a much better nights sleep

Get hungry? Protein powders added to smoothies or treats are part of a belly fat weight loss programme and putting healthy protein into your diet. A variety of flavours, I tend to use chocolate ones in my energy balls :)


Need help getting started?

Supplements are a mine field , where do you start if you don't have a clue?

I've put together all the starter supplements in one place, these will start relieving a swathe of symptoms plus build your energy back up:

Premtis -  women's health multi vitamin for the menopause transition, plus you require extra Magnesium. Take these 2 supplements anyway, you need them as you're deficient in nutrients now.

Evening Primrose/Starflower - Essential fatty acids we can't produce.

Omega 3 (vegan) oils - If you don't eat oily fish twice a week (but I suggest you take anyway) and you have brain fog, overwhelm, achy joints and most menopause symptoms get onto your Omega 3 essential fatty acid.

Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids if you're experiencing Hot Flashes, but also helps to promote collagen growth (ie sagging skin) and support immunity.

Ashwaganda if you're anxious, tired but can't relax. Aids a better quality of sleep and calms your adrenal release.

Vitamin E - for skin health especially for vaginal lubrication.

Vitamin D - we can't get enough from the sun, along with Magnesium and Calcium help aid bone strength, also boost Lung strength and immunity.

Vitamin B Complex - Really fatigued? You can take additional B complex ontop of a multivitamin, a real energy boost

Phyto-estrogens (soya isoflavones) only take if erractic/scant periods or finished and you have heat symptoms still

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"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie

Blossom in Your Menopause

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