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Bach flowers support
blended especially for you

Consultation and personalised 2 month blend £60

Bach flowers bottles

Andrea Marsh - Menopause specialist in natural treatments

Menopause really does push you intoan  emotional turmoil. It is a time of life where old issues surface, and these maybe uncomfortable, plus you may find you are always in your head and find it difficult to let go of whirring thoughts; especially if they are keeping you awake at 4am! 


Bach Flower blends enable you to resolve how you're feeling, support you in your every day life emotionally, create calmness and peace and in doing so relieve some of the stress your body is under.

I'm in this phase of my menopause currently and I find Bach Flowers help support me emotionally which  lowers  stress levels and  this in turn can alleviate your symptoms.


In this session you will receive:

  • 25 minute consultation to chat about how you're feeling

  • Receive 2 months supply of a Bach flowers blend created for you

  • Supplement advice if your symptoms are physical deficiency

  • Option to book short follow up calls to create new blends as your energy changes

Bach flower remedies for menopause

Receive  25% off a Bach Flowers session if you've previously booked a consultation or receive a complementary one month supply if you book a consultation today!

15% off a Bach Flowers session if you purchase Go Getter Starter Pack

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