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Go Getter
Starter pack

Kick start natural relief for your menopause symptoms

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Find the right food and supplements to get more energy


Why do you have menopause symptoms and how do you resolve them?

Beat menopause anxiety, low moods and joint pain with natural solutions

Are you ready to tackle your symptoms yourself?

I've spoken to hundreds of women over the years about how they want to tackle their symptoms and resolve them, and a lot of you are just like me!

You're fed up of feeling like this and you want to take back control of your mind and your body. To do this you need to understand what's at the root cause of your symptoms so that you can then tackle then at home at your own pace.


In this programme you will receive the 4 most popular guides  to give you the knowledge to make simple but powerful changes and to start feeling better quickly.


Go Getter Starter Pack is just £19!


Normal price £32


Go Getter Starter Pack | Cotswold Menopause

This bundle is set to help you make changes yourself and fast.  Putting the knowledge in Understanding Your Menopause with the simple and easy to follow food guide Eating for Perimenopause and Beyond puts you on a fast track to learning how to feel better.


Anxiety is now the #1 symptom and an indicator of stress. Master Your Anxiety video set


Supplements are a minefield, take the pain out of searching for the right ones and chart your exact symptoms against supplements in Savvy Supplements! 

Get this starter pack at an extra low price with 30% off, start blitzing your symptoms and start feeling more in control of your symptoms and empowered to make incredibly simple changes.

As your body starts to change hormonally you can't handle stress as well as you once did, this becomes a catch 22 situation with your health in mind and body. What you need is a manual intervention, I'll explain what's going on and the simple steps you can take to overcome the debilitating symptoms that you're experiencing.

What women like you say about these products:
"This is a game changer, you don’t have to attach emotion to anxiety, or wonder what’s triggered it." Gema, 45, Ireland

"I found a shift in my perception of anxiety after just watching the first video. I am feeling calmer, having been given a really useful physical explanation of anxiety. This helps demystify the actual frightening process; I certainly feel less afraid and more empowered."
Samantha, Wales

"Everything I did was 3 times as hard to complete, yet in a few  weeks  I have a vitality I've not experienced in years!"

Lorna, Glos

"I’m so glad I picked up Andrea’s book and started making changes straight away. I’m pleased to say my sleep is now mostly undisturbed with just a few changes as detailed in this book. I’m taking the right supplements now and have changed my diet. I’m caffeine free and my fatigue has improved so much; who knew?"

Emma, Cambridge
"The videos are amazing. The content is so eye-opening. It is very easy to understand, you explain it all so well and the order in which you deal with what's happening, why and the various solutions needed to overcome it is excellent."
Caroline, UK

"I felt like I was going mad! Now I have the theory behind the physical, and the practical tools to help myself."
Lizzie, 55, UK

"I read your book and started following the guidance. I can't begin to tell you how much it has changed the way I feel. I finally feel myself again and it has had a wonderful impact on my family life and marriage"

Kay, UK

"Just wanted to say Thankyou for this book! Oh my goodness, I learnt so much from those first two chapters. The way you explained how things work was so easy to understand. "
Helen, UK
Go getter starter pack on phone

In this download bundle  you will receive:​

  • Understanding Your Menopause  - 120 page ebook with tracking templates
  • Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond -  the nutritional  food groups you need to help you
  • Master Your Anxiety - 2 part video set and guide 
  • Savvy Supplements - demystifying supplements how to take them and lots more!
£19 / $25 / EU 22  transaction fees may apply
Wait! Why not upgrade to The 28 Days Menopause Programme ?

Get these 4 products as a free bundle plus more in this 5 part video series read more

Andrea Marsh | Cotswold Menopause

"Perimenopause took me by surprise, iin fact I'd never heard of the word! I thought: OK menopause I can resolve this and I went out and bought a menopause supplement and within 3 days I was having hot flushes!

I took to my chinese medicine books to work out what was causing my symptoms as I had anxiety, fatigue, achy joints, and more and I was surprised at what I learned and how I could go about resolving my symptoms naturally with very few simple changes. 

I took this seriously, made the changes and felt better and better, and then started doing the same for my shiatsu clients.

Covid struck and I had to help women online and not in person so I put a call out on facebook for complete strangers and we went through my knowledge in just 4 weeks.

It works, you just have to follow my guidance, it's not rocket science, it's practical guidelines and simple changes!"

Andrea, founder Cotswold Menopause
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