"Fold away your fans, there's a new cream in town!"

Blossom cream has been developed to cool menopause symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats, and is also proving to be incredibly calming and relieving itchy skin.
Now available to purchase online at Pink and Green Skincare:
Cotswold Menopause - Blossom  - Menopause Cooling Cream - Sample Size
When your skin needs that intensity to bring moisture back to dry skin
Beautiful Cooling Rose Water pairs with Blossom perfectly
The perfect pair for menopause - you won't want to be without this gel

We are thrilled to have received this feed back so far about Blossom:

"The cream smells really good and by the time I have applied and taken the 3 deep breaths as recommended the hot flush is over. Great product which I recommend." Tamsin, Edinburgh

"I just feel uplifted! It helps my sleep, I wanted to eat it the first time I smelt it, it definitely helps low moods" Elaine, Tewkesbury

"I give it 1 out of 7... that’s one night sweat in 7 nights, when I used to get 7!" Vicky, Cheltenham

"Its delicious! After I’ve showered at the end of the day I massage it around my feet and ankles, it;s very calming" Sam, Glos

"I pop the cream on my wrists and I inhale for a good few seconds, my mood is instantly listed as I find the smell so light and refreshing and it puts a smile on my face. I would absolutely recommend this to others." Nicki, Swindon

"My flushes and night sweats were horrendous the week I met you. I definitely noticed a difference in 3 days. The flushes have been less frequent as have the sweats.I think the cream made me feel very calm and relaxed. I would recommend it." Alison, Gloucester

"It stopped my flushes dead in their tracks!" Julia, Gloucester

"During a period of stress having my wrist to smell has meant I am distracted when flushes do occur, and I find it very calming."   Kate, Glos'shire

"Very helpful service. The cream smells really good and by the time I have applied and taken the 3 deep breaths as recommended the hot flush is over. Great product which I recommend." 


Tamsin, Edinburgh

"The cream is brilliant!!!

I have one in my bag for work and one at home. I take a deep sniff when I feel a hot flush coming on and then put a bit onto my pulse points on my wrists, and I don’t even notice I am cooling down, it just naturally happens. I haven’t taken any Sage tablets as I don’t need them. Plus it smells wonderful!!

Allison, Glos'shire

"I love the scent of this cream. I use it at bedtime, mindfully rubbing small amounts onto my neck, temples and wrists. It gives me a lovely sense of calm and wellbeing which helps me sleep."

Sarah, Tewkesbury

"Scratching is now minimal, helping sleep a lot and I am thrilled! Thank you, would not gave thought of feet otherwise"  Fiona, The Wirral

Luxury Cream with natural products ~ vegan, organic,

not tested on animals and paraben free

Packaged in a  30ml airless pump, this product is slimline to go in your bag, classy and discreet. Designed and produced with the wonderful Pink & Green Skincare, handmade in wonderful wiltshire and posted directly to you!


Just pump a pea sized amount onto your inner wrist, inhale for a few seconds and massage inner wrists together, you will feel the benefits in no time, as Judith from Worcester found out at a Macmillan coffee morning recently:

"Is it instant? That's amazing, that's amazing, wow, that's amazing, I've cooled right down... now I can go and eat cake!" 

Blossom cream (30ml)  has been developed with a local organic skin care company - Pink and Green Skincare - visit their website below to purchase


Blossom Cream sample (5ml) order here