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Finding Your 
Balance  -Menopause Masterclass

Navigate Your Menopause - Feel good naturally!


Is your menopause robbing you of your sleep, sanity and confidence?

Find out the real underlying causes in this 2 hour video, your menopause viewed through the wisdom of chinese medicine, and the resolutions are natural and HRT-free.

Manage your menopause holistically and your symptoms will relieve! Your body is out of balance right now and your symptoms are telling you this - you just don't understand what to do to relieve them.

This is where I come in; I've been helping my clients now for 8 years to relieve their symptoms naturally. I'm in my 50s and I'm happier and healthier than I have ever been and this started with listening to my body and making real small managable changes to my health.

Watch this 2hr masterclass at your own pace, take on the knowledge I'm sharing and use this as a stepping stone to make great changes for a better menopause transition!

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You will receive:  a 2 hr masterclass video

  • What your hormones are really doing
  • Why your health imbalances impact your hormones
  • How this triggers symptoms
  • How stress gets into your body physically
  • Why you need minerals not meds
  • Why supplements will help you
  • When exercise makes your symptoms worse
  • How your moods link to your food
  • How to improve your sleep and energy
  • How to relieve hot flushes and night sweat
This is suitable for any stage of menopause, 
peri or post along with medical menopause
£9/ $11 / EU 10  transaction fees may apply
What women say about Andrea's Masterclass:

" The content is so eye-opening. It is very easy to understand, you explain it all so well and the order in which you deal with what's happening, why and the various solutions needed to overcome it is excellent."
Caroline, UK

" I felt like I was going mad! Now I have the theory behind the physical, and the practical tools to help myself."

Lizzie, 55, UK

Finding Your Balance in Menopause - Masterclass

Are you ready to get started?

This programme contains:

Masterclass video  - 2 hours with a break half way

Accompanying useful links guide


woman reading about hot flushes on tablet

Next steps to smooth your menopause transition

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Go Getter Starter Pack
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"At 46 I was feeling pretty rubbish every day, I was crying at everything first thing in the morning, anxiety had returned after years of not having it, I was tired, I was achy and I just thought: this is what getting old feels like. The thing is I had regular periods so I didn't give menopause a thought; it happened when you're about 60 didn't it?

That's how clueless I was. I thought I would sail through menopause but I instead I found out I was very very perimenopausal instead. 

I rushed out and bought a menopause supplement and it gave me hot flushes - what?! 

This is when I decided I had to take it seriously, I studied my chinese medicine books and relieved my own symptoms quickly. I then started helping my clients and by 2018 I was giving public talks.  I published my book Understanding Your Menopause in early 2021, trying to spread the news further, explaining what you need to know to resolve your symptoms that your Dr doesn't tell you.

I'm pleased to say I'm now in my 50s and I'm symptom-free with the best periods I've ever had, I've totally reversed my symptoms, and I've done it all naturally."

Andrea, founder Cotswold Menopause
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