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Liver Detox for Menopause

Are you suffering with night sweats,  irritability and mood swings?

Are you feeling unwell, fatigued and unmotivated?

Are you putting on belly fat even though you haven't changed what you eat?

Are you ready to relieve your symptoms and feel calmer and more energised?


Liver Detox for Menopause

So many symptoms of the symptoms you're experiencing like:

mood swings, heat, headaches, irritability, reflux, nausea, high blood pressure, itchy skin,   bloating and nightsweats

are all to do with the liver not working as efficiently as it can - so let's step into what a liver detox is.

Your liver processes oestrogen so that it can be safely eliminated from the body too. 

As well as this your liver is crucial in hundreds of other processes going on from digestion of foods to the toxicity of your blood, it's a giant filtration process, the most complex in the world, and right now it's clogged!

Watch Menopause and liver detox guide on your laptop | Cotswold Menopause

A lot of these symptoms can be resolved swiftly, as the liver is very responsive to a cleanse. What you'll learn in this video and guide set will not only help you now but for the rest of your life.

Look after your liver and you'll feel healthier, sleep better, have more energy and be sooo much calmer!

Balance your mood swings | UK | Cotswold Menopause
In this Menopause and Liver detox programme you will receive:
  • Video - Understanding what is going on in your gut and liver that is causing your symptoms 

  • What types of foods to eat

  • Supplements that will help the liver cleanse

  • 7 day liver detox support plan

  • Option to upgrade to the full '28 days' programme with a discount

Hold on if you'd like to get 'Eating for the Perimenopause and beyond' as well!

"The liver detox guide is really useful it explains the benefits of the detox about the required supplements, how you might feel at certain days, the intermittent fasting and best of all the meal examples. During the detox, I felt a lot clearer (less brain fog) more confident, I slept better, less sweats and my skin was clearer; and the tummy fat improved!

I have and will, recommend this detox to anybody, and I will be doing it again !!!"

Jo, Cheltenham
Andrea relieve heat symptoms naturally in menopause | UK | Cotswold Menopause

"I major liver detox was one of the best things I've done for my menopause!

About 7 years ago I woke up at the start of January with spots, and it happened the following 2 years, then throughout the winter until spring I felt 'bleurgh' and had bad skin  for months, and I got fed up with this. 

Occassionally some mornings I would get this pain in my right side, just under my ribs, normally when I first went for a wee; I never knew menopause and liver pain was a symptom!

After researching a liver detox I set myself up for a major one in the Spring and realised I also had to cut down on caffeine as part of it, so I eased myself into the detox slowly.

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, I lost about 5 inches over around my waist over 3 weeks and amazingly I went caffeine free and haven't looked back. My daily energy was so much better, no more 3pm slumps!

Each time I feel I'm getting a bit 'bleurgh' again I look to do smaller liver detoxes, just like the one I've put together in this invaluable video/guide for you here today."

Andrea, founder Cotswold Menopause

Menopause and Liver Detox  - Are you ready to get started?

This programme contains:

1 video - approx 1 hour 15 mins

Accompanying guide 'Master Your Liver - Detox' Guide

OR Upgrade to include 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond' (really recommended!)  for just £15!

£12 / $15 / EU 14  transaction fees may apply

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