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Natural effective alternative to HRT


Learn how to relieve and manage your hot flashes naturally


Brain fog in menopause is debilitating - resolve it now

Get your sleep and energy back!  Packed with alternatives to HRT for osteoporosis and heart health during and after your menopause

You really can get your physical and emotional peri and menopause symptoms under control and your peace of mind back in a matter of weeks . With Feel Better in 28 days - Video series I am to help empower you to have hte menopause that you truly want, a positive, happy and healthy experience.

It is completely within your power to resolve your symptoms effectively and quickly, the knowledge, the understanding of how your mind and body is working and the knowledge of the right supplements for the right symptoms. Now all this information is in ONE PLACE. 

Relax at home, watch these easy-to-follow videos that step you through alleviating different symptoms and strengthening your health, so that you feel better in the weeks, months and years to come.


I'm Andrea, a shiatsu practitioner and I look at your health from the view point of traditional chinese medicine. Simply put I look at your energy patterns and symptoms and empower you to make the changes to rapidly reduce your symptoms. I've spent 4 years researching , testing and trialing on my clients for what you're about to learn in this set of videos. I'll explain what is going on, why you feel as you do, and in an easy guide what you can do about it!

I want you to know that you are not alone, there are currently 4.53 million women in the UK in the perimenopausal age range with many putting up with symptoms that you don't need to have.

Don't be one of the 30% suffering symptoms , join the 30% with no symptoms!


30% of women have no symptoms, whilst over 30% of women have dreadful symptoms; why is this? I have the answer, your underlying health imbalances. Once these imbalances are resolved you can get back to feeling like the person you once were and sail through the oncoming transition years.

This is a fantastic way for you to  absorb useful information from your sofa because if you have moderate symptoms you can wipe them away with what you're going to learn here. On average women reduce their symptoms by 40% in the first 28 days, and carry on reducing them afterwards. The knowledge you'll gain is not just for now but for your on going menopause transition and health into the future.

If you have severe symptoms you may wish to think about the consultation version where you can get personalised support.

"Straight away , the night sweats, it was like a


miracle. I          more able to cope as I used to, I can


talk to my husband again; that's the best thing for me"




A healthy approach to a natural menopause

It starts here and it can start right now, see exactly what you will get each week:


 a video delivered to your inbox once a week

weekly supportive guides and additional information

what supplements to take when

 resources area for members

plus all my additional guides included too


Learn the difference between hot and cold symptoms in your menopause

Week 1 - What's going on with your hormones, energy, emotions?

What supplements you should take to ease a majority of symptoms?

Learn about the relationship between gut and brain in your menopause

Week 2 - What's going on in your gut?

Changing your eating to relieve  night sweats, lose belly fat, balance your moods  and sleep again

learn about how adrenal fatigue effects your menopause

Week 3 - Exercise, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety  - how are they all linked?

The serious underlying health imbalances to resolve

learn to journal in your menopause
Learn how to have a fantastic life post menopause
Get extra bonuses to read at your leisure

Week 4 - What's going on with your emotions and stress?  How to let go of what was, guilt, stress, embrace self care

 and find your 'happy' again!

Week 5 - Life after oestrogen - what do I need to know? Successfully combat the oestrogen changes for  great health moving forwards

Bonus Bundle:


Get ALL my support guides included and a  complementary restorative yoga session too!


Along with the video series you will also receive:

 Live life anxiety-free

Relieve your heat symptoms, balance your moods!

Restorative Yoga Session

Resolve symptoms with savvy supplements'


 Eat for the Perimenopause and Beyond ebook 

Look after your perimenopause,
and your menopause takes care of itself!


" It's the best thing I've ever done for                 and


I can say that hand on heart. I can't believe that my

life has completely changed"





What you will learn ...

I've been through the programme...

Women just like you who were in dreadful pain, physically and emotionally, where it was affecting their relationships with their loved ones, and they couldn't see any hope insight turned around their relationship with their menopause. Click on images to watch their personal video stories:

"If you don't want to be dragged down by the hell that is the perimenopause it's the best thing you can do.

It's amazing, it transforms your life, I've become me again!"

Emma, Cambridge, 48

Julie relieved her menopause symptoms in Feel better in 28 days
Emma relieved her menopause symptoms in Feel better in 28 days
Joanne relieved her menopause symptoms in Feel better in 28 days

"If you just follow the steps the improvements are within striking distance. I was staggered by how quickly the benefits came. I couldn't get over how quickly taking the supplements relieved my joint pain, it was unbelievable. It's been a wonderful experience"

Julie, Gloucester, 50

"I was very unwell, low moods, angry, Night sweats, I felt really rubbish, I didn't have a clue.

I feel like a different person, I can't believe that taking a few supplements and the whole thing together just works so brilliantly".

Joanne, St Albans, 49

I'm Andrea and I've been through it too!

I'm a Shiatsu practitioner, which means I've had years of  learning the theory of chinese medicine (like acupuncture). When I found out I was perimenopause about 6 years ago, firstly I was relieved that I wasn't depressed or going mad, and then I thought 'right, what do I do about it?'

Why Feel better in 28 days really does relieve your menopause symptoms
Andrea Marsh creator of Feel better in 28 days - Relieve your menopause symptoms naturally

Get started today!

You're in safe hands

"Gain control over the madness that is menopause. Andrea you have been a blessing" 


Sharon talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me reach this stage"               

Caroline A

Caroline A  talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days

I feel like a different person. It all works so brilliantly. Try it, and see"


Joanne  talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days
Emma  talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days

" It's amazing, it transforms your life, Andrea you are a miracle worker"


Julie  talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days

"Andrea is a great safe pair of hands, she's supportive and knowledge. I'm so grateful and so glad I did this"


Caroline H  talks about relieving her menopause symptoms in 28 days

" I really want this to be a permanent change, Andrea has certainly supplied the tools to do this!"

Caroline H

See what these women had to say about how they were feeling before they started, whether they had reservations about paying to do a course, were they anxious, how was the process for them, what their best results were from our 28 days together, and why they think it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself - just click their photos!


Watch their videos


Any doubts left?


The videos explain the cause of symptoms in batches, the heat associated symptoms, the cold ones like fatigue and overwhelm. It then explains which part of the body is affected, which has the health imbalance. In most cases these imbalances are resolved by taking every day vitamins and minerals. If you understand why, and which ones you need AND YOU TAKE THE SUPPLEMENTS for 28 DAYS then come back to me and let me know if you didn’t alleviate a majority of your symptoms, and we'll work out why!



There are no guarantees in life  BUT I guarantee you will feel better if you follow this course. I’ve turned around my menopause naturally and I’ve turned around 100s of women’s relationship by easing their symptoms and empowering them, giving them back control of their mind and body.  This video series is perfect if you feel you have moderate to heavy symptoms.


If you get to 6 weeks and you can prove you purchased the supplements and taken them, and you see NO DIFFERENCE, then I’ll give you your money back. 100% Guaranteed. However if you see a massive improvement give me a shout out on social media @cotswoldmenopause – THANK YOU!



I am not affiliated to the supplement companies so I don’t point you at silly expensive ones, just the ones I’ve found to be the best all-rounders. If you *think* you can’t afford to buy supplements I ask you to weigh up your current quality of life against the quantity of things you buy yourself – which is worth the most to you? 


You maybe spending over £1000 a year on coffee, chocolate and alcohol - and these things are making you WORSE. Spend less to feel great again!

You need to make your health a priority, you’re only half way through living in this body. If you have health issues now, they won’t get better.



Not a problem, maybe you prefer a one to one consultation, or you may really love the support of a group of women going through the same thing as you (if so join the WAITLIST for 28 Days – Group Zoom Experience here).  There are also my ebooks, I’ve created as many ways as possible to help you, and the main thing is you may just want to talk to me so I’ll set aside some time to help you on a more personal note. If you’d like that, use the button below to book in a time to chat.

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