I've had a relationship with energetic therapies since my early 20s, I went when I had a back problem, but also knee problems, oh, and neck problems. In fact the Osteopath wondered how I could walk, and the trauma in my body really went back to birth!

Now zoom forwards 25 years or so, I've been a Shiatsu Practitioner now for 10 years and understand how powerful it can be to help in health related issues, but I'd never thought about the Menopause. But that's just it, isn't it? No-one really knows about the Menopause and there aren't really many people out there that can help you, and you're left struggling with bizarre symptoms, not really anyone to talk to, but you might pop on a Facebook group and have a supportive moan with some other women in a similar position. But really that doesn't help, its just a pressure release when it gets really tough.

At 46 and 12 days old, I have never given the Menopause a fleeting thought I'm sorry to say, especially if you're reading this and suffering from symptoms at a younger age. Though I'll say now, I've helped women as young as 40, so please know there is hope!

"I've helped women as young as 40, so please know there is hope!"

So at 46 and 12 days I went to a Networking event and the speaker, Lauren Chiren (Women of a Certain Stage) was going to talk about the Menopause. I happened to talk to her before she started and said 'I'm going to sale through the Menopause', she said 'Good for you' and then I heard her talk....

She had really suffered, and had to give up a high powered job in banking as the anxiety she was experiencing had been debilitating. I felt awful that I had been so flippant prior to her talk.

I left that day, still not thinking I was Menopausal but she had told us to look at a website called 34 Symptoms.com, so out of curiosity I did; and I ticked 25 boxes!

Over the coming months I pieced together that maybe this is why I'd got so fed up in my old computers job and left, I felt exhausted, got more and more anxious and burst in to tears out in Bulgaria, calling my mum to come and collect me (it was 5am UK time - oops!)

This wasn't the behaviour of a 42 year old Computer Consultant, but at the time I just put it down to unbelievable stress.

"...all around me women were appearing with symptoms,

I'd suddenly opened up a new world"

In late 2017, once I pieced this together, all around me women were appearing with symptoms, I'd suddenly opened up a new world. I didn't think you could have this young, I genuinely thought it was something that happened 'in your 60s', so I was shocked to think I was now bordering on the Menopause and that the average age in the UK is 51!

No one around me had ever said the 'M' word, and now here it was, everywhere; it just really shows that women don't talk about it until they know they are in a very safe environment to mention it.

I'm a curious person by nature, a researcher and a problem solver. So I decided to try and solve the problem of the menopausal symptoms. I thought, there are so many conflicting symptoms here, there must be a pattern. Chinese Medicine teaches you that there is always a pattern - you just have to find it. 

The other issue was, I had no heat symptoms. Here I was heavily Peri, maybe even bordering on the main change and I didn't have heat symptoms. Was there such a thing as a cold menopause?

Then I realised symptoms grouped, the PeriMenopause is cold based and related symptoms like Fatigue, Foggy Brain,  Overwhelm, Low Moods and Anxiety - not a Hot Flush in sight. This made sense, as women were going to their GPs and being told they weren't Menopausal as they didn't have Hot Flushes. More so, and this made me extremely angry, women were being told they were probably depressed and being offered unnecessary anti-depressants. This was when I realised I needed to be more vocal.

"women were being told they were probably depressed

and being offered unnecessary anti-depressants."

18 months on, and a few menopause seminars under my belt, and success stories from the first ladies that I'd taken through my 'Menopause - Road Back to Health' treatment plan I realised I could really step out in the world and tell women that I could help them.


I spent my Christmas of 2018 building this website. It's still so new at present that there isn't a lot of information on it, but I urge you to check out my Success Stories as these are women who came in in such a bad way, and I was thrilled that after a few sessions they were really starting to feel the benefits, and notice changes like sweats going and their mind clearing - feeling in control of their bodies again. I never got this satisfaction from my old career in computer software!

So, now its about you, and what I can do for you. I don't think there is a situation where you can't be helped to some extent of relief. I recently had a lady in her 70s with quite bad symptoms but we've had a break through so I'm confident that every woman can be helped to some degree. 

If you're local to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire or happy to travel you can receive my full 1-2-1 therapy. If you are further away then I can do online video consultations  - giving you advice & support, and helping you find a practitioner close to you.

The first step to alleviating your symptoms is to take back control, and feel empowered, you do this with knowledge, you do this by talking to me.

"The years of  the menopausal change are more

hormonally disruptive than being pregnant"


One of my main points that I close my Menopause talks with is about your Mindset - The years of change are more hormonally disruptive than being pregnant. If you've had children then you'll know how many changes you made to take care of yourself during this time, so now, you need to treat yourself just as compassionately, and this means rest, sleep, this is a time to 'Pause' for your transition. 


Don't give me, 'yes buts....' if you want to alleviate symptoms, this is where you start!

Also, the other classic 'I need to talk to my husband....' by all means, but he should support and encourage you to help yourself through this time. I don't want to hear 'I've talked it through with my other half and....' your symptoms really aren't that bad then? No partner suffering with the Menopause will tell you not to take action!

Invest in your health now, to take back control and alleviate the worst symptoms and feel like your old self again - don't suffer with a 'Natural Menopause', take everything as Natural as possible to help you change smoothly and flourish on the other side!