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Menopause Supplements 

Find the right supplements that will work for you and reduce your symptoms naturally

3 supplements jars for menopause

Relieve your achy joints in menopause

Relieve your menopause anxiety

and find out just how many symptoms are resolved with nutrients and herbals

The menopause is a personal experience that is different for everybody, and treatment should be tailored accordingly.  These guides are not intended to replace medical advice. If you'd like fhelp please book a clarity call with Andrea here.

Savvy Supplements 

Indepth supplement  guide includes 4 years of research,  observation and results to get all your beneficial supplements in one place.

For 30 or more years when I had issues from gut and hormone health to tension and exhaustion no one ever explained to me that these depletions in my body chemistry could be resolved with taking the right supplements.

In Savvy supplements ebook you will receive:

  • Your Symptoms - find the exact right supplements for relief

  • Understand what deficiency is and why you need nutrients

  • The difference between nutritional and herbal supplements

  • The Supplement Foundational Set

  • When do I take my supplements guide

  • Shopping links to the right supplements

Plus these bonus templates:

  • Symptoms v supplements

  • Supplement journaling

  • Supplement daily planner

Shop Savvy Supplements ebook & templates £5

Savvy supplements for menopause

Quick Guide

In this guide you will receive:

  • Basic understanding of good supplements

  • The top herbal supplement for anxiety

  • How to relieve heat symptoms

  • When to take your supplements

  • Shopping links to plant based supplements

This is a free  download!

Best  Menopause Supplements  

Find out the best supplements to take for your menopause with my starter guide

 How do herbal supplements differ from Nutritional Ones?

Blossom menopause cooling cream contains mint as one of the essential oils

I designed this Menopause Cooling Cream with over 2 years of testing. It relieves flushes and sweats, promotes a better nights sleep and eases anxiety & itchy skin, the feedback has been amazing!

Herbal Supplements  have an energetic action on your body, they help clear imbalances in vital organs, strengthen your blood and energetics, and detox your system. Ashwaganda is an example of this and the first one I recommend if you have fatigue and/ or anxiety. They differ to nutritional supplements which replenish vital deficient minerals in your body chemistry - causing a majority of your symptoms, this is why supplements are crucial if you're suffering with symptoms in mind and body - get my Quick Guide above!

The root cause of the anxiety you're now feeling is actually physical, and so it can be resolved physically plus some understanding of it emotionally, for a step-by-step guide, read more here.

Essential oils will also come under herbal, and  I designed Blossom - Menopause Cooling Cream with over 2 years of testing. It relieves heat symptoms such as flushes and night sweats, promotes better sleep, relieves itchiness and calms you down. It works quickly, and helps you get through the day calm and cool, and a deeper sleep at night.




Your moods depend on your gut health!

Gut Reboot.jpg

90% of your brain's chemicals are made in your gut, also your liver health, energy, nutrition all come from a well functioning gut. This is a critical supplement to add into your health from perimenopause onwards. If you have regular periods, especially if heavy plus low moods then purchase WOMEN, if you have hot flushes/night sweats/itchy skin/irritability/mood swings - purchase DETOX. If you have low energy, plus would like to take marine collagen get FITNESS, and if you need a complete reset on your gut get the REBOOT kit!

For poor gut health and a complete overhaul start with this 90 Gut reboot which comes with support materials.

Improve your breast health, detox your liver and remove dirty oestrogens

 I've been working on my lliver health for the last 3 years on and off, and what I've learnt is its better to do a little something every day.  You can still do seasonal detoxes, but rather than allowing toxins and dirty oestrogens to build up and cause you a host of symptoms like painful breasts, fibroids, endometriosis, painful periods, heat and irritability (from liver toxicity) lets flush them out of your body every.single. day.

Liver Phase 1 & 2 detoxification requires a couple of supplements to cleanse the liver of sugars and oestrogens. Book a clarity call with Andrea and receive your free supplement starter guide to help you resolve your heat symptoms once and for all.

How your liver affects your symptoms in your menopause and how to resolve naturally

If you'd like to understand more about detoxing your liver and support through a  7 to 10 day cleanse then here's my step-by-step guide to get you through!

Contact me for a clarity call if you're unsure how to get started on cleansing out dirty oestrogen and if your symptoms are a sign of oestrogen dominance, you'll then get a fantastic discount code off for your first cytoplan order.  

Organic skincare from Pink and Green is sympathetic to your skin needs in menopause

Organic skincare for drying skin

I chose pink and green organic skincare to help me develop Blossom cream after using their products myself. Packed with essential oils for goodness and using only the best organic and vegan ingredients these products really do quench your skins thirst. Facial and skincare, plus chosen items for menopause have a look, these delicious products smell good enough to eat!

Books, guides and videos to help you

You can start resolving your symptoms swiftly once you know what's going on and what to do about it. I have created a selection of supportive materials to help you in a format that is right for you.

From the basic knowledge of your whole health and hormones start with 'Understanding Your Menopause' in both ebook and paperback. 'Eating for the Perimenopause' helps you understand how food/drink relates to your symptoms.

If you have a bundle of heat symptoms you'll love the liver detox guide - stepping you through a 7 day plan.

For anxiety, I explain how it starts in your gut, but then your head takes over, to resolve anxiety once and for all you need to take nutritional supplements as you will be low, I know this because you have symptoms. Try this guide, you will be amazed at what anxiety is and how you resolve it!

Read about how to relieve your symptoms in your menopause at any stage
Relieve your liver associated menopause symptoms naturally
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