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Any stage menopause consultation options

Andrea offers a variety of options to suit you, each one is personalised to support you through this important change in your life

Andrea Marsh Shiatsu Practitioner | Cotswold Menopause

Andrea Marsh - Menopause specialist in natural treatments

The menopause consultation and coaching options that you can choose to work with me are:

Zoom Consultation

Power Chat

Follow up support

Shiatsu for Menopause (if you're local)

Bach Flowers remedy

Not sure? Book a free call with Andrea



In a consultation we aim for you to  understand why you exactly have your symptoms and create you an easy actionable plan for you to follow through with and see significant change (above 70% reduction)  within 8 weeks. 

With this option you will get:


  • 1hr 15 video personal consultation with Andrea, where we discuss indepth all the aspects of your life that you would like help with

  • You'll receive an easy step-by-step  actionable plan with changes you can implement in all aspects of life/health

  • A  follow up phone call  

  • Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond ebook

  • Supplements Quick Start Guide

  • Essential oils/ Bach Flowers advice if applicable

  • Complimentary copy of a video/guide that's suitable for you

  • Option to book follow-on package of support 

If you're not yet sure if this is right for you, or what option to choose book a no-obligation clarity call here.



This is the opportunity to deep dive with Andrea into  one area or symptom that you're really struggling with. With this option you will get:

  • Your personal consultation with Andreawhere we look at one major aspect that you would like to discuss

  • At least 3 easy actionable points to help you follow up with changes

  • Supplements Quick Start Guide

  • Eating for Perimenopause and Beyond ebook

  • Follow up supportive material as applicable​

  • Option to book follow-on  support     

This is is proving really popular if you just have one area of concern, for example 'Am I on the right supplements?'  or 'Do I have oestrogen dominance?'  or 'Is it the right time to take HRT?' Also clients that have had a prior consultation and would like to examine another aspect of their health/menopause  at a later date.

For non UK clients additional transaction fees may apply



Shiatsu treatment for women local to cheltenham, gloucestershire  

In this session you will have the space to discuss how your symptoms are

affecting you and how you'd like to feel and what you'd like to achieve moving forwards:

  • Menopause assessment and shiatsu treatment

  • 3 actionable points to follow up on

  • Supplements advice and guide

  • Eat for the Perimenopause and Beyond ebook

  • Bach flowers blend/ Essential oils as required

  • Option to book follow up shiatsu appointments

Shiatsu and supplements together are a powerful combination. For more information on shiatsu visit my sister website here.

shiatsu for menopause clinic cheltenham


Menopause really does push you intoan  emotional turmoil. It is a time of life where old issues surface, and these maybe uncomfortable, plus you may find you are always in your head and find it difficult to let go of whirring thoughts; especially if they are keeping you awake at 4am! 

Bach flower remedies for menopause


It's always good to touch base when you need to talk to someone that understands what you're going through emotionally and physically. You can be doing well and then your body changes again or your mind shifts. These are really useful if we've already spoken and I have your history.


These follow up calls can be invaluable for getting you back on track quickly. I have 2 options plus you can book a 6 month set with me, these are 40 minute phone calls.

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