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Overcome menopause anxiety guide

Understand menopause anxiety and panic attacks

The link between menopause, anxiety and insomnia

Overcome menopause anxiety with natural remedies

I'm often asked: " Can I overcome menopause anxiety?"

I didn't know the answer to this when I first got anxiety, I just knew it was there everyday, I didn't know why and it was making me miserable.

The question I asked myself was " Why have I got it, what does it mean?"

In this easy to watch  two part video set with accompanying guide I will help you to understand what is going on in you physically and emotionally. 


live an anxious free life | UK | Cotswold menopause

How to intervene with supplements and disassociate yourself emotionally from the physiological process that is going on.

You will be able to look back on how you change your whole relationship with anxiety for the better.

You're not going mad, it's a chemical reaction in your body that goes into overdrive with the exacerbation of hormonal stress!

You will learn how to to stop this, to quell the anxious feelings and help your body rest and recover;  leading a far less anxious life.

Anxiety starts in your gut | UK | Cotswold menopause

In this programme you will receive:​

  • What the underlying physical cause is
  • How to separate your emotions from the process
  • Why it's your gut playing up
  • Why it's not a 'head' thing
  • Intervening on a catch 22 situation
  • What supplements to take to stop it
  • When exercise makes anxiety worse
  • Your food , it links to your mood too
  • Night time anxiety - how to switch it off
  • Overwhelm 'firebreaks'
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What women say after watching 'Master Your Anxiety Naturally'
"This is a game changer, you don’t have to attach emotion to anxiety, or wonder what’s triggered it." Gema, 45, Ireland
"What a superb pair of videos for anyone suffering with anxiety, I hadn't realised the correlation with gut health."
Fiona, Germany
"I found a shift in my perception of anxiety after just watching the first video. I am feeling calmer, having been given a really useful physical explanation of anxiety. This helps demystify the actual frightening process; I certainly feel less afraid and more empowered."
Samantha, Wales
"I love the fact that you talk about trying too hard to cope with anxiety in the headspace, when it’s a physical process."
Deborah, UK
"These videos are amazing and comforting. A woman struggling can see that its not all in her head and she can work on this and feel better."
Jerusha, 39 , Canada

"The videos are amazing. The content is so eye-opening. It is very easy to understand, you explain it all so well and the order in which you deal with what's happening, why and the various solutions needed to overcome it is excellent."
Caroline, UK

" I've realised there’s nothing actually wrong with me, I can get through this and have a good day. If you’re struggling with anxiety there are simple things you can do to turn it around, these 2 videos will get you started right now!"
Emma, 49, UK

" I felt like I was going mad! Now I have the theory behind the physical, and the practical tools to help myself."
Lizzie, 55, UK
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"I've suffered with anxiety my whole life, and as a kid it didn't have a label, so it was mainly 'stomach ache'. As the years progressed it was 'panic attacks' and became a part of my daily life throughout teens and 20s, going from job to job and feeling like this every single day. When I started my shiatsu and chinese medicine training in my early 30s I learnt the root cause of anxiety and I was able to master it and it dissappeared and I lived anxiety free for 12 years. 

Then it was back. Every. Single. Day.

I didn't know why it had returned and this frustrated me.  I researched more and found the physical links to our changing hormones and so I tried and tested a new way of dealing with anxiety, and it worked for me, my friends and my clients. I've now put it together in an invaluable guide for you"

Andrea, founder Cotswold Menopause

Overcome menopause anxiety - 

Are you ready to get started?

This programme contains:

2 part video set - Total 1 hour 15 mins

Accompanying guide 'Mastering Anxiety -  Tool Kit' Guide

OR Upgrade to include this masterclass in  Feel Better in 28 Days - Video series plus an amazing bundle of supportive guides

No thanks, I'll just get the anxiety master class for now:

Master Your Anxiety Video and Guide from Cotswold Menopause

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