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Bach Flower Remedies for your Hysterectomy & Menopause Emotions and Symptom Relief

Updated: May 5

There are so many emotional challenges to contemplate and then face as your body changes rapidly once you have had your operation. My friend is currently healing from her operation and she is great at researching information, she even gives me new material to look at. She was prepared for the day she went into hospital with everything she felt she needed for her emotional support through this time and she asked me to see if my Bach Flowers Remedies would help her.

I'm sure you've heard of Bach's Rescue Remedy where you put a couple of drops on your tongue when you're feeling especially anxious, this is a blend of 5 flower essences. What you probably are not aware of is that there are 38 flower essences which can be blended to alleviate a whole host of emotional reactions that you may have. You'll always going to need a blend of 5 or 6 Bach Flowers, and they work more powerfully when put together in a combination that supports the issues that you have. One of initial flowers to put in is WALNUT, this is the essence to help with change.

In the early stages of a Hysterectomy your body is going to be in shock, not only because of an evasive procedure but also the instant withdrawal of hormones. Also fatigue, you won't know tiredness like it and all the pain medication that you'll need to help you walk, will knock you out. There is one potential remedy here OLIVE for deep fatigue and deep energy recovery.

MIMULUS for fear of what is next, CRAB APPLE to help with the loss of the womb, STAR OF BETHLEHEM & SWEET CHESTNUT for the grief or loss you may feel, and PINE if there is any associated guilt you maybe feeling.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM is a powerful one for feeling any emotional trauma at any time during the Menopause, along with the stability of WALNUT. If you feel your emotions get the better of you and you need a dose of realism in your life RED CHESTNUT can help you here. AGRIMONY is to relieve inner turmoil and worry that women often mask with 'I'm Fine' type responses!

Anxiety can be triggered at any time and you wonder why it is happening so for immediate support RESCUE REMEDY which is a blend of 5 flowers will help you overcome the initial feelings you have but there is a quite physical reason for you getting anxiety at this time which supplements can help with but also OLIVE for regaining your vital strength. In the peri/menopause transition excess cortisol uses up your spare nutrition leaving you depleted in vital nutrients (vitamins and minerals) which is allowing anxiety to take hold.

OAK is for a woman of strength of character who gets frustrated that her body doesn't keep up with her mind. If however lethargy is your enemy then HORNBEAM is the enabler. OLIVE is for mental and/or physical tiredness when you do need the will to go on.However if you're on the edge of apathy, feeling 'this is your lot in life, then WILD ROSE will be added. If however you're slipping futher into hopelessness you need a good dose of GORSE to kick you back into positivity!

HONEYSUCKLE brings you back to the present, drawing you away from the melancholy of 'I wish I could have', we can't unfortunately, but its good to know that Bach had something to help with this as well. Don't let resentment swallow you up either, use WILLOW to relieve this.

Dispel indecision with CERATO and plan positive changes with SCLERANTHUS, LARCH is a great one for enabling confidence, and don't allow in irritability, get IMPATIENS.

This is just a taste of how Bach Flower Remedies can be used, in my clinic I blend the right selection for you on the day as part of your consultation and shiatsu treatment appointment. If you are local to cheltenham then this maybe a great option for you, just contact me to book an appointment on 07899 987227, or at andrea.marsh@gmail.com

If you are further away and would like an online consultation a blend can still be created for you and posted to you.

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