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Updated: May 4, 2020

I meet so many women who feel their GP's don't understand them or dismiss that their symptoms could possibly Menopause related. The bottom line is if you don't feel great and you can count a handful of symptoms and you're 40 or over, it could very likely be the PeriMenopause. At this point you may not have heat symptoms as most of the early onset symptoms are:

Fatigue, Brain Fog, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Achy Joints, Low Moods, Panic Attacks.... and you feel cold!

Hormone tests don't prove an awful lot though according to N.I.C.E if you're under 45 they will test for one for the main hormones FSH. Over 45 it should now be taken as read that if you go in to see your GP, Menopause is to be of great consideration

The full N.I.C.E Guidelines are here: Diagnosing The Menopause

The short version is, your GP has now been told to listen to you and not to be dismissive of your symptoms.

Another important note to consider is that they have also been advised NOT to give out Anti-depressants ( selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) for regularly dealing with Heat Symptoms. This is masking the problem.

There is further reading here: Guidelines in Practise which gives you more support and advice about how The Menopause can be diagnoses.

If you have any Menopausal Symptoms, I can help with my therapy and advice, I do this regularly for women and you can see my Success Stories Here - Please contact me HERE to book in for your Complimentary Menopause Clarity Call to find out how I can help you.

Best Wishes, Andrea

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Beware Menopause-branded supplements

There is very little scientific backing on most of the supplements that are currently flooding the market at present - you are being sold to; you are being promised that this one pill will solve everything. I look at the ingredients and percentages of all supplements that I'm notified about or come across. Do not believe any menopause expert endorsement; I don't know who these women are.


The menopause experts that I trust don't endorse any of the products I've looked at. Some supplements will help with some symptoms; it's better if the supplement is targeted to a small set of symptoms that are linked; it's more likely to be effective.  They can be a good starting place but over time will become less effective; don't be disheartened it's likely that they don't have enough dosage in for what you now need. I have a Starter Supplement Guide that  explains what you need and why you need it i effective levels to help relieve your symptoms naturally.

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