Now packed with more information, a combination of 4 years of tried and tested natural methods to alleviating your symptoms naturally.
'I see your peri/menopause symptoms through the eyes of the theory of Chinese medicine, which is incredibly powerful at explaining what is going on with your hormones, emotions and energy , but I explain it to you in a way that is completely practical and easy to follow'
Andrea, Founder Cotswold Menopause

And add in 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond' in a great deal!

Understanding Your Menopause book by Andrea Marsh, Cotswold Menopause

Are you feeling more anxious than ever before?

Are you fed up of not getting the answers that you need?

Are you confused about your changing mind and body and not knowing what to do about them?

Symptoms that covered in the book:
Anxiety  |  Night Sweats  |  Quality Sleep  |  Hot Flushes  |  Brain Fog  |  Digestive Issues  | Achy Joints & Muscles | Low Moods & Mood swings  |  Vaginal Dryness  |  Belly Fat  |  Irritability | Libido
I had been giving this information in talks but now I want to help more women, just like you, so I've turned my extensive knowledge into an easy read book broken down in grouped topics, as so many symptoms are linked. Even if your symptom isn't listed above making the suggested changes will have a positive affect on your health, energy and emotions.
Topics covered are:
  • Understanding your hormones
  • How to balance your energy levels
  • Relieve night sweats quickly
  • What to eat to reduce stubborn belly fat
  • What kind of exercise will work for you
  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety
  • What supplements are brilliant to relieve your symptoms
  • Practical advice on how to balance your moods
  • The whole book builds to increasing your energy and decreasing your hot flushes

To get your copy now just click below, over 120 packed pages on how to eat, the exercise that really counts, how to get your sleep back, relieve night sweats quickly, relieve tiredness and how to eat to lose stubborn belly fat (without being hungry) , why you're more anxious and what to do about it 

And add in 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond' in a great deal!

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Understanding Your Menopause book review |UK | cotswoldmenopause.co.uk
Book Review Understanding Your Menopause |uk| cotswoldmenopause.co.uk

"Andrea is one of the experts in my Perimenopause Hub. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and natural menopause solutiosn is encyclopaedic. I would encourage anyone wanting to explore a natural route to read this book"

Emily Barclay - Founder of Perimenopause Hub

"What a fantastic book to have to hand. The information contained in it is easy to read. well explained, helpful, practical and a lot of it might surprise you as Andrea explains the power it can have on your menopause symptoms and your body. Andrea's knowledge on this subject is incredible and life changing and I thoroughly recommend it"

Shelly Chapman - Founder of Menopause Help

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