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Would you like someone to really listen to what you're going through? And someone to explain what is going on in your body, how it is affecting your mind, and what to do next? If this is you:

  • You're in the midst of Menopausal heat symptoms, its taking over your life and you don't know where to start

  • You're Perimenopause and you have symptoms like anxiety , overwhelm, tiredness, sore joints and wonder if this is normal

  • You're Post Menopause but you still have symptoms

  • Your periods finished years ago but now you have fatigue symptoms

  • You've had a hysterectomy that's thrown you into turmoil

  • If you don't want or can't have HRT

  • Ready to come off HRT and would like a smooth transition


These are all scenarios that I help women understand, manage and give practical advise on solutions and supplements to alleviate symptoms and if you visit me for therapy I aim to resolve your symptoms, bring back your sanity and leave you feeling calm, balanced and invigorated.

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listen, explain and support you 


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 I'm Andrea Marsh, and I've been a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and Chinese Medicine Therapist for over 10 years. In 2017,  I was shocked to find out how far along the Perimenopause I was at the age of 46, but it really explained a lot of things that were happening to me; how it was affecting my life and my mind. I then decided to examine how the symptoms appear in our bodies, there must be a transition of changes, and I found that Chinese Medicine mapped it out perfectly and it overlaid with the specific decline in hormones of Progesterone to Estrogen. I also found and have proved that the Perimenopause symptoms are 'cold-based', heat doesn't appear till very near the end (and can then get stuck!). For this reason so many women don't associate a lot of what they're going through with the start of the Menopause as they are fatigued and achy. 

It was then that I realised I could really understand how your body is changing and also what to do about it. I use the theory of Chinese Medicine every day in my Shiatsu Practice and it's now a Natural and Effective way to use it to help Women understand and alleviate symptoms.  


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“I listen to what you have to say and take

a look at your health issues, I give you knowledge about your menopause and help you alleviate your symptoms with practical solutions” 


"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie


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