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 Your Menopause Naturally

Helping you have a symptom-free menopause, naturally

Specialist Menopause Clinic Cheltenham

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You are not alone, hundreds of women whose lives and relationships have been badly affected by  challenging symptoms and hormonal  disruption have found help here. Alleviate your mid life health issues and menopausal symptoms with either self help or one to one support. It's natural, it's effective, it's your menopause.

Natural menopause solutions are an effective alternative to HRT, and work alongside of  it too. This is about resolving your health issues and as you transition through menopause it magnifies what's going on under the covers!

Personalised Support

Downloadable Products

Work Support

Andrea Marsh FwSS Shiatsu and CHinese Medicine Peactitioner

My Philosophy

Just like you ... I had  a host of debilitating symptoms too.


I turned to my reference books for answers.

Chinese medicine views your body as a complete and

unique  energy system.


I resolved my symptoms by using these holistic principles, rebalancing my energy, and addressing my underlying health symptoms.

 I was successful and now this is what I do for my clients.

Andrea Marsh, FwSS Shiatsu &
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
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Understanding Your Menopause

Simple to follow, supportive and always at hand to check in with.

This is THE guide book to resolving your symptoms naturally and effectively.  All the advice in my book is tried and tested with hundreds of women and successful outcomes!


REstore your balance with cotswold menopause

Restore Your Balance

Join me along with 2 menopause specialists as we guide you through a day of Natural wellness and holistic solutions to help you have a positive menopause experience.


Escape for the day: release stress and gain insight into how to have a truly holistic menopause experience...

Blossom cream - Cool down, calm down

Instantly calm your anxiety whilst relieving hot flushes and night sweats . Blossom cream  helps you have a better nights sleep and calms you down through the day.


A powerful blend of essential oils works on your nervous system and hormones to keep you in control!

Blossom cooling cream from Cotswold Menopause
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2 Hr Menopause

Instead of booking a webinar on a date you can't the make, you can now watch this introduction to why you feel robbed of your energy, emotions and sleep...

This an indepth expansion of the talk that I give in the workplace and has replaced online talks. Watch at your own pace, it's yours to keep and share with your friends!

Packed full of the information you need to make the changes you want, to feel like the woman you used to be.... or even better!


Join your menopause   naturally!

Get your free copy of INSPIRING MENOPAUSE - The Secrets to a happy and healthy symptom free menopause!

Then get my monthly bitesize top advice and wisdom, straight to your inbox and ...

Get 15% off your first purchase too!

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