If you would like to get complete clarity on where you are with your symptoms and how to move forward, this is the ideal starting place.  Every woman is different, so it's good for me to get to know you. 

A substantial part of transitioning with your menopause is understanding what is going on with you personally and what you can do about it. 

Tell me:

  • Your symptoms and how they are affecting you

  • And how you'd like to feel in the coming months

  • I'll give you some tips with no obligation to book a consult

  • Let me know how you are in 2 weeks time!


You'll speak to me directly, I'm someone who understands what you're really going through and can give you advice and understanding, as well as practical solutions for moving forwards. If you feel like you are stuck or overwhelmed with how you feel currently this is where you need to start to get moving again. Together, we can help you change, for you to blossom in your menopause.

Please respect that you've booked a call and answer when I call, with over 50% of women not answering the phone/ message this is 30 minutes of my time set aside to help you out of a day when I could be helping others - Thank you.

Menopause clarity call with Andrea Marsh