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Are you feeling like your symptoms are increasing all the time?

Are you frustrated at not getting the answers that you need?

Are you confused about your changing mind and body, overwhelmed not knowing what to do about them?

This Talk is for you.


Inspiring you to a positive and healthy menopause ... naturally!

With Andrea Marsh FwSS, Founder Cotswold Menopause

"The symptoms of perimenopause and menopause doesn't have to be so hard; once you know what it is!

I was on my knees at 45, emotionally low, anxious every day and wondering how I was going to be a good shiatsu practitioner as I was finding it exhausting. Now, 50 I've been symptom free for a couple of years, have plenty of energy and I feel better than I felt through my whole 40s!"


Before turning to medication, let me help you understand the health imbalances you're experiencing, not only created by the hormonal change but also how this change puts your health under a microscope.

When you join this live event you will learn:

  • Menopause time line and stages

  • How it puts stress on your health

  • How being a hot or cold person affects your symptoms

  • Sleep, nutrition and exercise

  • Tiredness, stress and anxiety

  • Why supplements really do help

  • How to move forwards for a positive and healthy transition

  • Find out the ways you can help yourself move forwards symptom free!


Andrea has been giving indepth peri and menopause talks for over 4 years, and her background in the theory of chinese medicine will give you a completely new perspective and explain exactly how you can start combatting your symptoms.


Join for free, and come along, you won't regret learning exactly how you can master your menopause; at any stage of your life.


Say goodbye to low energy, your expanding waistline & bad moods...

THE TRUTH IS perimenopause & menopause can feel great (I know it's hard to believe but it's true), but I'm an example that with a lot of little changes it can add up to a BIG DIFFERENCE.


YOUR NEW REALITY IS WAITING... Don’t put your life on hold, make changes now for a better one!

By registering for this event you are agreeing to be contacted via email with advice and options to help you resolve your symptoms naturally and effectively.

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"I didn't know what was happening to me was at all related to the menopause - stressed, anxious every day , feeling more and more tired and achy, plus all the other symptoms that I thought was just about life and aging.

I thank the stars the day I found out it could be menopause, or infact perimenopause (they are 2 entirely different phases!).

I set to my chinese medicine books and worked out what was going on, it took time, I went to lectures on hormones, I tested my theories on myself and my clients, and I saw results.

Then came the Covid era and I had to help women via video and online and that has proved to be powerful too. 

Today I have a myriad of solutions to help you resolve your symptoms effectively too. I'm 50 and have no symptoms, I'm so much happier and healthier than I was 5 years ago, and I want that for you too."

Andrea, founder Cotswold Menopause
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