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If you’ve read my book  Understanding Your Menopause  then you're here for the next chapter - Life After Oestrogen. This is where we start taking a longer term look at your health for menopause and beyond when you've got your initial symptom set under control or completely resolved.


I hope you've found  the advice in my book useful and  you’re now on the path to greater health!  Soon you’ll have seen a real difference in your symptoms, if not already . If you do need further help remember you can always contact me for a no obligation clarity call.

Why does oestrogen make such a difference?

Many women now are noticing a decline in their health and symptoms more in their 40s than 50s as before, whilst still having periods of some sort. Whilst you’re having heavy periods you still have plenty of oestrogen, the only real signs (before a blood test) that you have very low oestrogen are:


  • Scant/ erratic periods / ceased

  • Thinning hair/ hair loss

  • Dry skin, wrinkling, sagging

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Daily regular hot flushes

This is the only time if you are concerned that a basic blood test at the GPs will state you are menopausal as it’s a test of your oestrogen levels and they need to be consistently low to be picked up by a one off test.

The loss of oestrogen though is affecting your body on many levels and it is this that you need to know about, and ward off the associated health concerns for the future.

The major two health issues that are always mentioned are Osteoporosis and Cardio vascular disease. There is so much that you can do for your health naturally to head off these becoming a problem for you and we’ll look at this here. However you have already started making a difference by following the changes in my book Understanding Your Menopause.


The supplements that you are taking are not only for the menopause transition but also life beyond. There will come a time when you will alter them and some maybe dropped, but always look to ensure you keep your vitamins and minerals up, plus essential fatty acids as these are a part of joint, brain and heart health for the rest of your life. I'll also explain why vitamin C becomes vital for your heart health!

How does losing oestrogen affect me?

Oestrogen keeps up plump! It holds in water/fluids and keeps us hydrated, this is why signs that it is in decline mean our hair and skin change. Collagen is another important factor, its declining anyway from our mid 20s, but there is a steep drop off with the lack of oestrogen, and collagen is very important in joint health.

With oestrogen decline we also have a loss of:

  • hydration for the skin, organs and vagina

  • bone density and collagen

  • good cholesterol and increase in the bad one

Collagen decline leads to:

  • weaker skin, tendons, ligaments

  • slower wound healing

  • ‘loser’ functionality in the gastro-intestinal tract

  • sluggish digestive system

  • prolapses

  • inflexible arteries

As you can see above the loss of oestrogen will decrease your bone density, this is why supplements such as multi vitamins, Magnesium, vitamin D, Omega 3 are so important, plus exercise with impact, as this helps develop bone density.

For your heart health, it’s about what you eat to lessen the chance of bad cholesterol, there are plenty of supplements specifically for this from Supermarket to online. Plus you may want to investigate when you’re into your 50s Vitamin K, CoEnzyme Q10, and Garlic as these are all heart health supplements.

Vitamin C is the game changer in heart health - Why?

Vit C is a collagen booster, and the link to loss of collagen is the loss of oestrogen, so we need to bolster collagen as much as we can. Adding phyto-estrogens into your diet as food and as supplements is one way and vit C is one to alway keep in your supplement goodie box. Keeping collagen levels up keeps your blood vessels 'flexible', this can help alleviate hot flushes and keeps your inner tubes in a much healthier condition.  Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant and these keep nasties like 'free radicals' down in your system, this in turn keeps your cholesterol levels balanced. 

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Why am I still getting Hot Flushes?

Getting hot flushes means your body is still out of kilter, normally women following my advice see a great decrease in flushes within the 4 /6weeks, so give it some time and carry on what you’re doing. If you haven’t got bioflavonoids in your multi vitamin or vitamin C supplement then search for one that does ( e.g. Cytoplan Vitamin C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids).

This is now the stage when you can take a supplement that has ‘menopause’ in the title. This indicates that phyto-estrogens are normally in the supplement; in the form of soya isoflavones and occasionally red clover. Don’t take these supplements if you still have regular to heavy periods, or you bloat easily.

If you'd like her finding the right supplements for your symptoms then I've put together Savvy supplements, read more here.

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Managing your menopause and your health

You may be wondering – what now? I’ve done this, what is next?


I urge you though to cement everything you have learnt in the book, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Until all of these changes in your life have been like second nature to you, don’t take on anything else. For most of you, your body will be forgiving and come back into balance, however there are women that have serious health conditions in which case you will be consulting with your doctors as well. The advice in my guides is additional to proper medical advice, not contradictory too or instead of.

Don’t create overwhelm!

There is always the temptation to do more, try more, read more, and very few women handle that well. As you start feeling better, having more energy physically and a clearer mind, take a deep breath for a couple of months before jumping into another challenge either physical or mental. As your body starts to see these positive energy changes it will use this extra energy to heal, if you go using it up too quickly, you’ll be back to square one in less than six months.

I know this as I keep in touch with clients, or they tend to get back to me because they’ve regressed, and there is always a reason.  An energetic challenge too far that they felt they were able to take on as they started feeling better. All that great new energy that you were creating to heal you is depleted in next to no time, with your healing journey incomplete; don't let this be you.

You’ve put the work in to get this far, now include the rest and TLC that you require to complete the process :)

The seasons will affect you.

Depending at what time of year that you start this, and what season resonates with you and makes you feel good, another season will come along that can set you back. For a majority this is as Autumn turns to winter (unless you love and embrace these seasons). It’s important to look to your food and alter it accordingly, don’t deny yourself, but ensure the foods you do fill up on are nourishing. It doesn’t sound sexy but as long as your meals are packed with essential fatty acids, good protein, anti-oxidants and phyto-estrogens you are ensuring that your health is going to be set on the right path for longevity and energy!

In reality that means organic foods (if possible) , quality meat/fish/protein alternative, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds - eat real food, and your gut and your emotions will love you for it :)

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A Different Perspective:  Live your life the way you want to!

One of the great things about going through the menopause is that you don’t take the sh*t you used to! It may be why relationships take a battering as you know now not to put up with it anymore.


However, finding a happy medium is a challenge when you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, but what you’ve taken on board from the book will be helping you to balance this whole area out. The great thing about this age too is individuality. When younger, we tend to spend so much time fitting in, but now you really don’t have to do that, you are your own woman; and this brings me on to how you live your life energetically.


Every woman is different and so you should not feel that you ‘should’ live up to the expectations of anyone else, or be like anyone else. Going through the menopause and life beyond means you may have a different energy to who you were before, and to those around you, and you shouldn’t feel judged about any way that you live your life, to ensure you have the best rested and restorative life that you choose to have.

If you would like any help with anything I've mentioned here or you would like a chat to understand your options please contact me for a no obligation clarity call here.

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