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Menopause health is very much about bolstering your Immunity too - it lowers due to stress and hormonal fluctuations, and right now with the virus going around we need to do everything we can to stop getting ill - Download my complementary guide here 'The Best 10 Pieces of Advice to Strengthen Your Immunity':

Best Immunity Tips | Cotswold Menopause | UK
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Have you got belly fat that won't shift?  Have you got sweats that you don't know how to relieve? 


And Bloating - Where do you start? So many symptoms can be alleviated just by knowing what to eat. What to add in and what to remove can be daunting but this 15 page guide breaks it down into steps for you and makes sure you're never hungry, eating is still fun and it's the best way to lose some belly fat!

Check out my ebooks that cover off everything you need to know and how to get started on alleviating those symptoms you just don't need to put up with:

'28 Days to a Happier and Healthier Menopause' Does that sound good?  Does that sound like something you could do with right now.? Work with me and you'll see some amazing results, read more here and you can start today - 5 easy-to-watch videos delivered to your Inbox PLUS Bonuses 'Master Your Anxiety' and 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond' are included too! Click below for more:


This is your 'need to know' starter guide to what is going on AND what you can do about it. Understand how to alleviate your worst symptoms right here - click image to download and get regular updates from Cotswold Menopause:

Here are some complementary guides that I have created for you to get you started on understanding your symptoms and what to do about it naturally:

Relieve night sweats naturally, Cotswold Menopause explains how
Need help when no HRT? Cotswold Menopause explains natural solutions
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Ease your heat symptoms instantly with Blossom Cream!

I specifically developed this to help women find relief quickly

whilst still working on the underlying causes of symptoms. Blossom smells divine and cools & calms in moments. Use for heat and anxiety symptoms. Read and shop here

Truly Blossom in Your Menopause with changing your skin care for the better. Switching to natural plant based products, which are also animal cruelty free is a fantastic way to move forwards with healthy, hydrated and glowing skin - Here's my latest guide, I've spent the last 2 years changing all my products, I love what I now use and they're not as expensive as popular chemical laced shop brands.

Blossom in Your Menopause - Skincare advice from Cotswold Menopause UK
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A lot of dull aches come from weakened muscles during the menopause year, taking supplements like Magnesium will help, but also doing gentle exercise like Yoga or Qi Gong. You can also download my free exercises guides here:

Lower Back Exercises | Cotswold Menopause | UK
Neck and Shoulder Exercises | Cotswold Menopause | UK

Full of practical advice, my eBook 'Understanding Your Menopause' is now available: 

Understanding Your Menopause now out on Amazon March 2021

Need help getting started? It can be overwhelming and confusing, but a 15 minute complementary chat with Andrea will give you the clarity you need of where you are in your transition and what your next steps can be.  Get started here.