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I'm Andrea a shiatsu and chinese medicine practitioner  (over 15 years) but I was like you 6 years ago - my memory had gone,  I felt shattered and I thought all my symptoms were adding up to depression, but I didn't feel depressed,  but I wasn't like me. Does that make sense?

I feel very lucky that I was at an event where the menopause was one of the talks and it started ringing alarm bells, but actually I was relieved to find out this might be the root cause of what I was feeling.

Now I'm 50 and feel better than ever, having spent the last 5 plus years researching, testing and proving that you really can have a healthy natural menopause, and I'm here to show you how. Start with my free guide, and for more indepth understanding plus support stepping you through making those changes I have my book 'Understanding Your Menopause' out on Amazon.

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