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Finding Your Balance in Menopause - Masterclass


If you're confused about how to relieve your symptoms, this is where you start


If you've tried supplements and they didn't work there is a reason, I'll explain this


If you can't take HRT, had adverse effects or are choosing not too, this is perfectly normal, you just need to know what your body needs for your symptoms to dissipate


It's about your health, it's about minerals over medicines, you can have a natural symptom-free menopause where HRT is an option not the only solution.


In this 2 hour masterclass I'll explain how your hormones are changing, and not in the way that you may think and how stress is stirring everything up and how to combat it.


This is the place to start, this in-depth video is more than twice as long as a normal webinar event. I've decided to create this masterclass for you to watch in your own time and absorn the knowledge at your own pace.


You'll receive a download guide that contains the link to the video, check your emails incase it goes to spam you should receive the email almost immediately.


Knowledge . Pause . Flourish


Your Menopause Naturally

Menopause Masterclass

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