28 Days to a Happier and Healthier Menopause

You may think that it's not possible to make amazing changes in your life in such a short time, but let me first tell you that you can make a change instantly, you just have to want to , and you just have to want to start now.... not tomorrow, now, change starts in the instant you decide. 

These have been written by women in under 28 days of us being together, they were trepidacious about coming on board, they wondered whether they were doing the thing, read their reflection pieces on how this group experience worked for them.

"Andrea, I can honestly say I'm so grateful that I saw your post about this group.

At the beginning of our journey, just those short few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed by everything. My days were a battle. I cried a lot. I had so many things to do each day, but seemed to achieve very little. I wasn't looking forward to anything, I didn't want to see anyone. I didn't even want to see my partner or my mother at times. I felt alone with this as none of my friends understand as they haven't been affected with the issues I have, or they're a little younger and they have it all to come!

Life was a struggle and the outlook was a very bleak few more years until I reached the actual menopause.. I was in such a state, I didn't even think I could work out how to use Zoom and I almost pulled out before I'd started! Fast forward 4 weeks and I'm a completely different person. Obviously, I know I may have a bad day tomorrow, but without looking at my journal I can't remember when my last "bad day" was and that's massive progress!

I used to have a good few days a month and the rest were bad days. Being in a group with other ladies that are struggling is a help in itself. I don't feel like some sort of weirdo outcast anymore. The perimenopause is real even if most people haven't heard of it.

The information you have given us has been SO in-depth and helpful.


You've suggested things I'd never even thought of. I've learned about parts of the body I didn't know about (adrenal glands, anyone!) and I am looking forward to each day when I wake up instead of dreading it. My mind is clearer, I still have a long list of things I need to do each day, but it doesn't overwhelm me like it used to.

I guess the main changes I've made have been the way I train as my personal trainer has taken on board my hormone type, what I put in my mouth and what I drink as well as the supplements I take. I'm more sociable than I was before, I'm less fatigued and able to complete a long day at work without napping and I walk with a stride in my step and a smile on my face. Every day I ask myself "what am I grateful for?" and you know what?

I'm grateful I made myself join this amazing group (and I did have to come out of my comfort zone to do this) so, from the bottom of my HAPPY heart - THANK YOU! And I really hope the other ladies in the group are feeling better and more positive too." 

Emma, 48, Cambridge

"I had some concerns about joining this course after I had signed up and had time to consider why I was doing this and what could change in 28 days?

Now I have come to the end of the course I have a sadness that it is finishing.



The balance of communication and information has really worked for me. The information has been in-depth and supported by research as well as anecdotal evidence and signposting to other experts.


I feel calmer and my mind feels clearer, I have been less irritable and despite being generally a positive and happy person I have found myself even more delighted at the small things in my life, this has been helped by keeping a journal and reflecting on what I am grateful for. This has kept my focus on the present and not the past.



After a week of moving onto supplements recommended by Andrea and changing my diet, I came off antihistamines, I had been taking these for the last 18 months, to manage itching skin and post exercise hives. My skin itch has reduced, and I have had no hives post exercise in the last 3 weeks.

Andrea helped me identify what in my diet was affecting my liver function and exacerbated by peri-menopause hormone fluctuations. I have gradually cut down on caffeine, sugar, carbs, and alcohol, having now eliminated caffeine and alcohol completely. Sugar and carbs are a little harder to crack but I have reduced these significantly. My gut health has greatly improved through taking a daily probiotic and increasing my vegetable intake.

I am now thinking seriously, probably for the first time but not through a fad diet, about what I am putting in my body. I have also changed the products I am using in the environment, moving to eco-friendly cleaning products and hair and body soap bars.

I am a regular exerciser but have tuned in to how my body feels after exercise and whether I am looking forward to a session, to this end I have stopped my High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and am focusing on strength and cardio, which I enjoy and can mange the level to which I am working with necessary recovery.




I do not consider myself a spiritual person, but I do have times for quiet contemplation and appreciation of all that is around me. This course has given me even more time to focus on me, which is always a good thing and benefits me and others.


Next steps……

I really want this to be a permanent change, Andrea has certainly supplied the tools to do this, I have the right mindset but can waver in terms of commitment and sometimes negative past experiences can hinder my progress but I have a new mantra ‘is this good for my body?’.

What I put in and around my body and how I exercise it is not only to satiate hunger or to have the childish foot stomping behaviour of ‘I want this so will have it’ (lots of hunger as a child, I need to move on from) or the drive that I must exercise, but to fuel and focus the mind and the body for all the challenges it has to face.

I will get there!

Caroline x

There is currently an open waitlist to join my September 2020 group, if you register your interest I will contact you to check this is suitable for you to join. I only take ladies who are ready to make changes in their life, if you've got this far you most likely are, but it's also good for us to get to know one another, and to assure you that this is right for you. Join the waitlist and you'll receive an email very soon with the details. There is no hard sell , in fact you have to persuade me you're the right fit for the course, so if you're in 2 minds, or you don't want to spend any money on improving your heatlh and happiness please don't register.