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Inspiring you to a positive and healthy menopause transition

Thank you for joining our February group I'll be in touch by email soon to give you the link to the facebook group and to say hello!

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Pop these dates for 'Reset Your Menopause' starting February 2nd 2022 in your diary :

we start promptly at 730pm each session and wrap it up at 9pm!

2nd February

9th February

16th February

23rd February

2nd March

6th April

4th May

8th June (delayed one week due to Queens bank hols!)

6th July

If you can't make it one week the session will be recorded for you to replay when you can. I look forward to seeing you in the facebook group very soon - it launches Sunday 30th January for you all to say hello!


 'Master Your Anxiety Naturally'

'Master Your Liver - Detox'

'Restorative Yoga Session'

and get 'Eat for the Perimenopause and Beyond' ebook when you join this group experience!

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" It's the best thing I've ever done for                 and


I can say that hand on heart. I can't believe that my

life has completely changed"





Take control of your menopause naturally

Join me in this safe and supportive group experience to find out how to shift your mindset and help you find your direction, your health, your happiness and ultimately the woman you want to be!


What you will learn ...

I've been through the programme...

Women just like you who were in dreadful pain, physically and emotionally, where it was affecting their relationships with their loved ones, and they couldn't see any hope insight turned around their relationship with their menopause. Click on images to watch their personal video stories:

"If you don't want to be dragged down by the hell that is the perimenopause it's the best thing you can do.

It's amazing, it transforms your life, I've become me again!"

Emma, Cambridge, 48


"If you just follow the steps the improvements are within striking distance. I was staggered by how quickly the benefits came. I couldn't get over how quickly taking the supplements relieved my joint pain, it was unbelievable. It's been a wonderful experience"

Julie, Gloucester, 50

"I was very unwell, low moods, angry, Night sweats, I felt really rubbish, I didn't have a clue.

I feel like a different person, I can't believe that taking a few supplements and the whole thing together just works so brilliantly".

Joanne, St Albans, 49

I'm Andrea and I've been through it too!

I'm a Shiatsu and chinese medicine practitioner so I thought I would sail through the menopause and not notice it.... how wrong was I?
When I found out I was perimenopause at the age of 45, firstly I was relieved that I wasn't depressed or going mad, and then I thought 'right, what do I do about it?'

I never gave it a thought that change wasn't possible
I never thought 'this is me, I'm stuck like this'
I didn't feel insignificant or like I didn't matter

and I want you to feel that you're important too!


You're in safe hands

"Gain control over the madness that is menopause. Andrea you have been a blessing" 


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Sharon's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me reach this stage"               

Caroline A

28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Caroline A's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

I feel like a different person. It all works so brilliantly. Try it, and see"


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Joanne's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK
28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Emma's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

" It's amazing, it transforms your life, Andrea you are a miracle worker"


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Julie's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

"Andrea is a great safe pair of hands, she's supportive and knowledgeable. I'm so grateful and so glad I did this"


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Caroline H's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

" I really want this to be a permanent change, Andrea has certainly supplied the tools to do this!"

Caroline H

See what these women had to say about how they were feeling before they started, whether they had reservations about paying to do a course, were they anxious, how was the process for them, what their best results were from our 28 days together, and why they think it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself - just click their photos!


Watch their videos