Signs you need a probiotic during peri/menopause

If you're noticing changes or you want to prepare then a good probiotic is vital in your health kit for every stage of the menopause.
By good I mean a variety of bacteria (look on the label, should have lots of latin names, not just 1. Mine has 15!!) Supermarket ones won't suffice, you need the real deal. I've posted mine at the end.
I've borrowed these wise words from Eileen at A.Vogel:
Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in some foods and taken as a supplement. I often recommend them to women during menopause. So today, I thought that I would take a closer look at them, explaining what they are, signs you might need them, and why they are beneficial during menopause.
What are probiotics & why are they needed?
We naturally have billions of bacteria lining the length of our digestive tract, and these bacteria support so many different aspects of our health, not just our digestion.
However, during menopause, falling oestrogen can affect the whole digestive tract and that can impact your friendly bacteria.
One of the ways in which you can rectify this is to take a supplement called a probiotic or eat food, which contain these beneficial bacteria.
What are the signs that you need a probiotic?
The key to good health is to achieve an optimal balance of both good and bad bacteria. If the levels of bad bacteria start to overtake the good, you can start to experience certain symptoms and signs.
These symptoms and signs could indicate that you might need to top up your friendly bacteria, to help protect this delicate balance and this is where probiotics come in.
So, some signs to look out for include:
1. You are experiencing digestive troubles
If you find that you're getting a lot of bloating, wind, cramping, maybe a little bit of constipation or a sluggish bowel, that is often a really good indication that something is happening with your friendly bacteria and it needs some help.
2. You are having sugar cravings
Once your digestion gets upset, that will have a real big knock-on effect on other areas of your health, including things like sugar cravings.
For a lot of menopausal women, blood sugar levels can become very unstable, which can cause cravings, but also, lack of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract can be another factor as well.
3. You are getting skin problems
If you get skin issues, such as itchy skin and skin rashes this can be another sign that your friendly bacteria are out of balance. If you're not eliminating particularly well, if you're getting constipation, very often, the toxins that your body is trying to get rid of will be sitting in the gut for quite a while and they can end up being recycled around the body.
Very often, the body will throw these out through the skin. So, if you find that you're getting bloating, constipation, itchy skin, or skin rashes, very often, these are very closely connected.
4. You are experiencing vaginal dryness
Vaginal dryness can be a big issue in menopause. And again, you also have friendly bacteria in the vagina. These help to keep the vagina moist. They help with the mucus. But these friendly bacteria also protect the urethra, which is the opening to the bladder.
5. You keep getting UTI's
If you start to have problems with vaginal dryness, this can very often lead to the next symptom which is repeated urinary tract infections. The problem here is when these occur, very often, the first thing you do is take antibiotics. These are going to kill off more friendly bacteria in the vagina. And this can then compound this vicious cycle of urinary tract infections, antibiotics, and then another infection, and so on.
6. You have recently had antibiotics
And lastly, if you have had antibiotics for anything, they can have quite an impact on the friendly bacteria in your digestive tract as well. A lot of women do tell me that after antibiotics, they may get bloating, wind, and cramping, and sometimes, diarrhoea.
It's about variety over quantity, so you may see advertised '10 billion bacteria' but if it's only one type, that's limited. I choose mine as it had 15 strains, but I'll be honest, I didn't have a clue about a probiotic when I started taking it. I'd had a gut parasite and had REALLY bad BO after it, started on BIOLIVE and not only did all my gut health symptoms clear up but I got more energy, less plaque on my teeth, healthy gums (they stopped bleeding), no BO, and my hayfever stopped and my immunity got stronger, oh and brain fog went too 🙂
BIOLIVE WOMEN - if you still have periods , especially if they are heavy
BIOLIVE LIVER - if you have heat symptoms, over 50, periods stopped/scant
and if you have a lot of heat symptoms and really itchy skin you'll want a liver detox too ( more details on website -
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