What you need to know about calcium (beat osteoporosis)

It's one of the magic 3 for your bone health - calcium, Vitamins D3 and Magnesium
I thought I got enough from my food until my test came back as low, I was quite surprised as I have a diet high in veg, fruit, cheese, milk, eggs... and I'm still low, so if you're vegan then you may really need a supplement.
You may see calcium carbonate in the ingredients of your supplements - you can't absorb this very well, its talcum powder and is used as a bulking agent. It depends on where the calcium carbonate comes from - if the ingredients don't state a plant source then it won't be as efficient.
From the Osteoporosis society:
If possible, unless advised for other medical reasons, take your supplements away from very high fibre foods such as bran or foods
containing oxalic acid such as spinach and rhubarb which might reduce calcium absorption. (about 3/4 hours).
Check the instructions with other drugs and supplements you are taking, for instance, iron tablets and levothyroxine (also called thyroxine) need to be taken a few hours before or after calcium supplements to make sure they are all absorbed properly.
We need calcium we can absorb so I recommend looking for 'whole food' or 'bioavailable', mine comes from seaweed! (check out whole food calcium at and use discount code:
CYT122819-35-10 for money off!
Get an idea of whether you have enough in your daily diet, you're looking for at least 800mg a day, but more like 1000mg or over. My daily diet comes in around 900mg and I'm still low at the moment - eye opener!
Daily Magnesiums - 450-500mg
Vitamin D3 - 2-4000iu
these are both safe amounts, above RDA but still lower than can be prescribed. use code
CYT122819-35-10 for 35% discount

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