Take the Heat out of You Menopause

  Fun and massively informative I'm taking my talks online and inviting you to join. It will be a live event where you will be able to ask questions to me directly at the end. Learn about your hormones, energy, health and emotions, I'll explain just what is going on and MOST IMPORTANTLY what you can do about it!

Feedback from my previous talks:


"Great and useful information. There were lots of nods of agreement and recognition from the audience, info seemed to resonate with them. You also are incredibly clear in your delivery & explanation of information. It was fantastic! Time went to quickly, it seemed to fly by."

Sian, Gloucester

"I just wanted to say that your talk was the best I have been to regarding the Menopause and I have reviewed all the info more than once. I felt completely empowered afterwards and also not so alone with it all."

Katie, Cheltenham


"Informative, thought provoking and tips that are so doable. Recommend menopause workshop run by Andrea"

Lizzie, Cheltenham


"I really enjoyed it, very informative, interesting and pitched just at the right level. Thank you!"

Elaine, Charlton Kings


"Really helpful information with tips and pointers to implement right away. Came away understanding more clearly what was going on."

Coral, Cheltenham


"The most useful seminar I have ever attended"

Mandy, Gloucester


"Really helped me understand what was going on and how I should be dealing with it"

Carla, Brockworth

"I sat there thinking I wasn't a weird freak, I wasn't isolated and alone anymore"

Cat, Tewkesbury

"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie


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Disclaimer:  The information in this guide is intended as guidance only and is not a replacement for you doing your own research or seeking medical advice from a doctor. 

Shipping Policy: This is a purchasable online ebook with unlimited access and ability to download from there in; there are no physical goods to be shipped.

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