Anti oxidant foods

Jess Wilder

17 Mar 2023

Foods high in Antioxidants... Why do we need these?

Your body is continually under attack, from the food you eat, toxins in the air, even life and your emotions all play a part. It's your liver that goes to battle trying to clean your blood everyday, and when it's losing the battle you know it as symptoms. From mood swings, to night sweats, belly fat to itchy skin, those are very visible signs. The more insidious issues can be building up, like cell mutations and toxicity impairing critical processes in your body, it sounds scary (and it can be, think Cancer).
So, antioxidants are something you should have in your diet every single day. These are fresh foods that contain properties that fight those things call 'free radicals' that cause inflammation and mayhem in your cells.
Here's a great list of foods:
I take a powerful daily supplement which is the Lonicera berry (its 4000 x more powerful than Blueberries) since being on it my energy has vastly improved, periods less painful and I feel my liver is a lot happier