How do you use Chinese Medicine to help me?

Firstly to know that the Theory of Chinese Medicine has absolutely nothing to do with Chinese Herbal Medicine - I will not be offering you such remedies as I don't have a clue and personally I do not use them.

I have worked out using my understanding of the theory of Chinese Medicine, the patterns within your body that cause your symptoms and what to do to alleviate them. My therapy 'Shiatsu' is based on the same understanding as Acupuncture, however you are fully clothed and I use gentle finger pressure to stimulate acu points on your body; it's incredibly relaxing as well as working to rebalance the systems of your body, and reduce the symptoms you're experiencing.

Help! I can't get my HRT - What do I do?

This is a horrible position for you to be in, removing HRT without notice or a weening process is likened to going cold turkey from drugs and it will throw your hormone levels into disarray. Don't panic download my free PDF here. You can then contact me for free Menopause Clarity Call here, or book an online consultation here. This could be the time to manage your menopause and transition and I' m here to help you. 

Why do I still have hot flushes after 2 years?

Your energy can get stuck, even though you've got this far through the Menopause heat symptoms carry their own set of issues. In that you're still hot, processes in your body don't work as fluently as they should, one of these is the Liver. A liver that is struggling to cleanse your blood is one that is going to heat up causing the flushes and sweats. Through the Menopause a lot of the symptoms can be relieved by detoxing the liver. The main way to help your liver overnight is to cut out the carbs and sugars in your evening meal - Read my  'Take the Heat Out of Your Night Sweats' You can download it HERE. 

If you would like to read more about your symptoms and what you can do about them , click here

Can you help me if I've had a Hysterectomy?

Yes, depending on your age as to whether you are offered HRT, and it'll be appropriate to take it under the age of 51. Having a hysterectomy causes an instant Menopause and you can suddenly have the symptoms of the Perimenopause and the heat of the later Menopause all at once, it is a time when your body can go into shock with the upheaval and you are left with emotional upheaval too; I can help with all the symptoms you're experiencing with therapy, or consultation. If you would like support with exercise and your pelvis click here

Can you help me if I'm on HRT?

Yes, and I can help you in the transition to come off it. The likelihood is that if you're on HRT and choose to stay on it you'll not have many if any symptoms. What you have to beaware of is that coming off HRT will cause the Menopause. Depending on your age the symptoms and severity may be vastly different. Talk to your GP about weening yourself off your dosage when the time is right for you, and I can then support you physically and emotionally with my treatments.

If you're on HRT and would like to discuss planning to come off then I'll be happy to have a complimentary short phone chat with you to discuss your options.

Can you help me if I'm on Thyroxine and /or Anti-depressants?

Yes, I can give you treatments whilst you're on any medication as long as I know what you're on and what it's for. With Thyroxine the treatments will be beneficial for you to stimulate the liver function. With Anti-depressants, it is very much a state of mind, do you want to come off them, if so I can support you through this transition. If you wish to remain on them then treatments can be had for relaxation.too.

Can I help myself naturally? Do I have to take HRT?

HRT is very much dependent on your age, if under 50  then your Doctor maybe advising you to take HRT to replenish your estrogen which is beneficial in bone health. An early Menopause or Hysterectomy will most certainly require some HRT again for your long term health.


However if you're starting to transition in your late 40's and early 50's then this is the natural decline of hormones and you can choose whether to have a natural menopause or seek HRT.


You should look at lifestyle changes in areas such as your diet, supplements, exercise and therapies, these will support and ease transition years. I can give advice in these areas and it is recommended by health professionals that you look at your lifestyle and diet anyway even if you do wish to take HRT as this is not a health replacement.

I have a new eBook  to help you with natural solutions here

How can Shiatsu help with the Menopause and the symptoms I have?

Shiatsu is finger pressure, however its very specific, pressing the chinese acu points (as an acupuncturist would). I have studied chinese medicine and understand the energy patterns and flow in the body and how this links to the menopausal symptoms. I use gentle pressure on specific points to move blocked energy, ease aches, calm & clear your mind and start you on the path to feeling good again. It takes a sequence of treatments to do this as we work through the layers of symptoms so it does require your investment in time and money to become energised, clear headed and feeling well again!

If I can't see you in person, can you help me on with an online consultation?

One of the main points in receiving treatments with me is that clients have said that talking to someone who listens, understands and can discuss options and give advice is incredibly beneficial. I now do online consultations where I give you forms to fill in beforehand and then we can use the time online to explain fully where you are and what to expect, look at your supplements, exercise, diet,  discuss emotional aspects, and talking through the areas that mean the most to you will help you understand everything that is going on and most importantly what you can do about it. Read more about my online consultations here.

Are blood tests effective and where can I get a private one?
I'd like to read more information that you have, where can I find it?

You don't need a blood test to confirm that you are peri/menopausal this is now done on symptoms alone if you're over 45. If you're under 45 you can ask your GP and according N.I.C.E guidelines they do have to take you seriously when you question whether you have symptoms.

A blood test is for estrogen only and so could be inconclusive as estrogen dips and spikes on a daily basis.

If you would like to get a private blood test, where you can then have female hormones, progesterone along with many other function tests such as thryoid , liver and kidney you can use this website:

Knowledge is key to understanding you menopause, so that you know you are not alone, you are not the 'odd one out' and what you're going through is normal and manageable, you just need to know how, and to take action!

I've got some free hand outs and I also have written and 80+ page eBook full of explanation on what is going on, what supplements to take (vitamins and minerals), for what symptoms, and other natural and doable actions and changes you can make; and it all starts with your mindset :0

Be open to embracing your menopause and the changes you can make, they do work and you can read more here.

Are Multi-vitamins enough supplements to take?

What you need now are supplements that are right for your age group, sex and entering the menopause. A generic multi-vitamin will not do. You're looking for Women's Health 40+. 

Supermarkets and Boots own brands are pretty good, Women's Health can come with additional goodies such as Evening Primrose Oil.


Specific branded 'menopause'; multi-vitamins will come with added phyto estrogens such as Soya Isoflavones and Flax seed. I'm finding that menopause specific supplements should only be taken by women who's periods are very erractic or have stopped. If you're still Perimenopausal with regular periods, you don't need the extra estrogen at this time as you still have fluctuating estrogen levels, and you don't need to exacerbate this.


Also if you go to a Nutrition Centre there are many options available. What you need to be looking for is at least 200/300% of daily recommended doses in key vitamins such as zinc, B complex (that's all the vit B's), vit D3. Also you'll need Magnesium additionally as there's never enough in a multi-vitamin.

For an extra energy boost - look for the effervescent tablets that are called Energy/Revive, like Berocca.

What will Omega 3 oils do for me?

Omega 3's are the essential fatty acids that we need and they're going to help you with symptoms like brain fog - they really are the building blocks of brain function.

If you eat a lot of oily fish you may be getting enough but you'd meed to be on salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel 4 times a week! If you're not, then get a low dosage to start with and take with a meal and build up the amount you take as it can affect your bowels if you're unused to the oils.

What is the #1 supplement you recommend that I take to help me?

Magnesium is my #1 recommendation. It aids sleep, mental health, nervous system and bone health for starters. Get a good one from a proper nutrition centre and you're looking to take 400mg a day. Also you can get it in spray for direct use on achy muscles and salts for a bath, both great ways of absorption. I know myself, as does my mum that it aids more restful sleep. Also you can get a spray with Lavender & Chamomile in!

Is there anything I can use to help me relieve my hot flushes?

'Blossom' cream is a blend of essential oils in an organic cream that has been designed and tested to relieve heat symptoms and is also extremely calming. You can purchase here from Pink and Green Organic Skincare who I've developed the cream with, or contact me directly!

Is there anything I can use to help relieve vaginal dryness & soreness?

''Sylk' is making its name known as a natural and gentle. Sylk is made from natural ingredients including a unique plant extract – the kiwifruit vine gum. The vine gum replicates the vagina’s natural pH balance and is very similar to natural lubrication. It's available on prescription, but also reasonably priced to buy. Click on the picture to go to their website

Is there anything I can use to help relieve a foggy brain and aid concentration?

When foggy brain hit me a couple of years ago I came across Neals Yard 'Focus' Blend and found that really aided concentration. My advice is not to use it too late in the day or you'll be wired till midnight! This is where essential oils come into their own - the power of sniffing them takes effect on our brain in seconds , so sniff or pop in a diffuser to help clear your head and focus your mind. Click on the picture to go to their website.

Is there anything I can use to help me relieve my anxiety?

Ashwagandha is from ayurvedic medicine and has really proven itself to alleviate generalised anxiety disorder. This is the low level anxiety that a lot of women begin to feel during the perimenopause. This root is an adaptogen, this means it calms the adrenal system stopping the stress hormone cortisol to be too easily released. I now recommend this as I have another proof that it works, I take it and so do most of my clients.

A good brand is Viridian easily available on Amazon.

Where can I find a lot of supportive products all in one place? has products by categories, easy to use, and seems to have only natural based products.

Is there another website I can find out more information at?

Here are a couple of places I suggest for further information:


Understanding your Menopause with Natural Solutions & Supplements - Ebook:

The Natural Menopause 

A hub for information from various experts - with an online Menopause Summit in March 2020:

Perimenopause Hub


Symptoms very clearly explained:

Postive Pause

There are a lot of websites around now that are women supporting women through the menopause, I find a lot via twitter, use the hashtag #knowyourmenopause and you'll find a wealth of support that will lead your to websites, instagrams and facebooks.