Perimenopause Bookmark

In 2019 I decided to give away 500 bookmarks to educate women in the perimenopause and to give you a token to take with you to your GP for confidence that you are experiencing symptoms before the menopause. Many GPs are not yet educated in the complexities of this time in women's health, and can dismiss that the hormonal upheaval at this time means you exhibit symptoms that may traditionally be seen as depression, when in fact it's adrenal fatigue and nutritional depletion.

In the NHS N.I.C.E guidelines you are not to be dismissed but diagnosed based on your symptoms. Blood tests are inconclusive as perimenopause is not usually a lack of oestrogen which is the test that is run.  Your GP will rule out that you have a serious health concern, however if your symptoms are attributed to the perimenopause they will not be able to give you much guidance. If this is the case and you wish to resolve your symptoms naturally I would suggest you download my free guide 'How To Have A Successful Natural Menopause'.


Then read my book 'Understanding Your Perimenopause - Resolve Symptoms Naturally


Here is the bookmark template for you to download and use: