28 Days to a Happier & Healthier Peri/menopause

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Zoom Group Experience


starts May 19th!

"I had some concerns about joining this course after I had signed up and had time to consider why I was doing this and what could change in 28 days?

Now I have come to the end of the course I have a sadness that it is finishing. The balance of communication and information has really worked for me. The information has been in-depth and supported by research as well as anecdotal evidence and signposting to other experts."  Caroline H, 45

And you knew how to tap into the mysterious

minefield of menopause to        so much happier


Imagine If...

You improved your sleep and eased your night sweats

Relieved your anxiety and could feel happy and secure again

Started to lose belly fat and feel full of energy

Regained control of how you feel, and start to have fun again

Wanted to go out, get on with your husband, enjoy life

Embraced your new found confidence and look forward to the future with hope and excitement...

Imagine if you could do this in just 28 days....


This is completely accessible to you, the knowledge, the understanding, the support, the supplements, the feeling of being in this 'together'; and not being isolated anymore.  All the information is there, somewhere on the internet....



but now, it's all in one place and put together in a format that is easy for you to join in, do (and dare I say fun?!) and see the results in just 28 days!

What have you got to lose, except to feel better? To lose the irritability, the hopelessness, the fatigue, the crying, the overwhelm, the lack of sleep, the loss of control. What have you got to lose?

" You wake up one morning and you            feel

like you've been run over by a bus"



You want to

    do this to ...

Be empowered again

Understand why this has happened now

Resolve your symptoms effectively and swiftly

Be a part of a group that encourages each other to grow

Feel happy and in love with life again

Embrace your health for the rest of your life

Relieve as many of your symptoms as you can                                 ... and completely naturally!

Feel great again!

"Straight away , the night sweats, it was like a


miracle. I          more able to cope as I used to, I can


talk to my husband again; that's the best thing for me"



You're tired of ...

Feeling confused and hopeless about what to do

Getting angry for no reason, then being upset

Not having any energy or enjoying life

Putting on weight no matter what you eat

Looking to the future and it only seeming bleak

   Can you afford to go          on feeling like this?

" I had looked at other people that could help me;


you gave me the first                                    that I


might be on the right track to getting help"


 feeling of hope

Join this experience      and you will...

Get the understanding on what is going on and why it affects you personally

Learn the secrets to the supplements that will help you

Get the low down on what to eat to lose that belly fat

Be able to ask questions in confidence

Be supported on this transformational journey

Be amazed at the changes you'll make and ...

How you will feel in

just 28 days time!

"The doctors just told me it was a 'phase of life' just


get used to it; with no understanding of just how


                       it can make your life"

Caroline A


" It's the best thing I've ever done for                 and


I can say that hand on heart. I can't believe that my

life has completely changed"



Are you telling


I can't afford it?

I don't have the time?

It's not that bad really....

If you're saying these things then what you're really saying is that your health and your life are not worth it

   Is that really true?


And now I'm going to tell you that this investment in yourself, in alleviating your symptoms, in getting back your MOJO and your energy, and your life is just £147!


I've invited you into this group for over 30% off - Join our amazing 5 weeks together for just £97 and there is going to be so much more...


Look what's in 28 Days!

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I'm Andrea

I'm a Shiatsu practitioner, which means I've had years of  learning the theory of chinese medicine (like acuptuncure). When I found out I was perimenopause about 5 years ago, firstly I was relieved that I wasn't depressed or going mad, and then I thought 'right, what do I do about it?'
The symptoms were a jumble, lots of hot based ones like flushes and cold one's like fatigue and anxiety. So I set to my TCM reference books and I came up with a theory. I tested that theory on me, my clients and went to talks on hormones and realised my theory overlaid the decline of progesterone and then the erractic decline of estrogen. I felt I was really on to something, and I think my perspective is completely unique....
and really seems to work for the women I see. 
My passion is to share the information YOU need, to HELP you get back to being the woman you DESERVE to be.
With a little time and patience over the 28 Days I will help you get on the right path to feeling great again!

You're in safe hands

"Gain control over the madness that is menopause. Andrea you have been a blessing" 


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Sharon's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK
28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Emma's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

" It's amazing, it transforms your life, Andrea you are a miracle worker"


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me reach this stage"               

Caroline A

28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Caroline A's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK
28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Julie's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

"Andrea is a great safe pair of hands, she's supportive and knowledge. I'm so grateful and so glad I did this"


I feel like a different person. It all works so brilliantly. Try it, and see"


28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Joanne's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK
28 days to a happier and healthier menopause Caroline H's story | Cotswold Menopause | UK

" I really want this to be a permanent change, Andrea has certainly supplied the tools to do this!"

Caroline H


See what these women had to say about how they were feeling before they started, whether they had reservations about paying to be on a group course, were they anxious, how the process was for them, what their best results were from our 28 days together, and why they think it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself - just click their photos!


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